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Amazing 10 minute ARM WORKOUT! Best arm workout for women


hi it’s Tracy and guess what today is it’s our workout Thursday oh yeah so let’s get ready to have tight toned arms and work it out okay so let’s get started and I’ve got some light weights just these are little 2-pound the weights here you can use one two or three something really light cuz we’re.

Gonna do a lot of repetitions so let’s start with your arms along the side of your body here and just bring the weights up by your shoulders and really pull in the abdominals here and keep those shoulders down your back keep going excellent good so now you’re gonna bring the weight straight forward and forward.

Really pulling in the belly each and every time here and just really bring it up to shoulder height you don’t need to go any higher than that good so now keeping your pumps facing towards you bring your arms up sort of into this shape here kind of like a scarecrow you’re gonna feel this a lot.

In your deltoids your shoulders and that’s a good thing remember that is what gives us those tight toned arms so that we don’t get a big arm right good two more and excellent good so now bring your arms like this and little pulse up really think of your shoulder blade here you want to feel it really working into your.

Back good another set like that excellent okay good so now keeping your pumps facing towards you lift your arms up to shoulder height here and up and lift that’s it good keep on going and six good abs are tight excellent good flip the pump so they’re faced up squeeze the elbows into your waist here.

And squeeze squeeze that’s it and five pull in the belly good that’s it good so now bring your arm sport pull the elbows back behind you and pull it back I love this exercise because it opens up the chest so nicely especially if you’re working at a computer all day so important to really open up your chest make sure you don’t get those.

Hunched shoulders we don’t want that good now get your elbows right by your side open the hands and open good that’s it good great for the shoulder here really strengthening perfect good so now bring your arms straight up over your head and press up I’m going all the way up.

Over my head here up and that’s it you’ve got it excellent two more good bring your arms down and one arm goes forward one arm goes back so it’s kind of like you’re cross-country skiing here when you’re doing this one super super important to really be mindful of lifting that arm.

Behind you as well often that’s the one that we forget about so don’t because you want to feel those triceps nice and strong that’s it you got it perfect okay good so now bring your arms forward and twist your body just to one side little twist so we’re getting those arms and those shoulders which you should definitely be.

Feeling but also we’re getting a little bit of obliques here right and excellent two more and perfect good just circle the shoulders and circles that’s it now reverse and circle forward perfect bring those arms forward again and twist and twist so notice I’m not moving my hips at all not one little bit.

I’m keeping them totally still you got it ah these two power would start feeling really heavy right perfect done against circle good just four in each direction and that will reverse circle and good so now put both weights into one hand place the other hand on your hip kind of lean slightly on a diagonal.

Pull the elbow back here so it’s like you’re kind of starting a lawnmower that’s it excellent great so now let’s add a little twist here so tiny twist again incorporating the waist but notice my hips are super still they are just facing forward you’re feeling it I hope so good so now stay here and just do.

Like a little tick-tock fun right he Ikes this is like that crazy dance the robot good ouch huh all right so let’s do that on the other side so kind of leaning on a diagonal pull and pull you got it keep going feel this yes you do let’s add that little twist and twist good.

Keep those hips straight forward excellent good so now stay here and do that little like doing the robot you’re definitely gonna feel this one so this little series is great you know when you’re just trying to fit in something quick or you want to target tone really.

Just focus on your arms a little bit this is a great series for that okay good so now bring your hands into your waist here up and up good so I’m going V squeeze it in squeeze it in good bring your arms up and press down and down and down good you got it keep on going here perfect good bring your arms up to a V.

Get the elbows going in front of your body in front of your body in front that’s it this is for working those muscles all around the armpits really important right we don’t want to have squishy bits good bring one arm it’s like a ballerina arm twist and rotate twist and three again we’re getting those obliques but.

Holding this shape you’re working those muscles in this arm again keep your your hips really still perfect and good now add a punch and press good and excellent let’s do that on the other side it’s a little ballerina first ballerina let that arm float along your back and keep that pelvis still good so.

Now we’ll add that punch and press good last one here under cup a little twist in your torso you know me I have to add the ABS into everything it’s just my favorite good and perfect bring your arms out to the side I always lie little circles I tell you it’s over and then I think of something else that I just want.

To add in good and now reverse in little circles three your arms should be on fire by now eight good do ballerina arms circle here excellent let’s reverse oh and circle my arms like really are you serious last bit here stretch those arms out to.

The side ooh feel it feel it feel it shoulders down your back and let it go that was excellent I hope that you really felt your arms feeling that burn there make sure to subscribe to my channel because I put up new videos every single Thursday see you next week bye be sure to join the.

Community over at Tracy campoli com it’s totally free and you’ll receive a free workout my seven-day challenge and so much more either click on the link on your screen or visit me at Tracy camp Polycom see you there
Tracy Campoli

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