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ACL Surgery Update | I Can’t Believe It Ft. Mr Adil Ajiued


I could get very emotional right now but I’m not going to but this has been the toughest challenge of my life oh where did I say I’m not gonna cry that I Christ I’m actual fighting against the odds do not give up please do not give up some incredible news for you like wow it has been a hot minute since I uploaded on.

YouTube has been I think about two weeks yeah the uploading schedule was kind of yet gone down yes it went like that Teddy it went down to last week I went home to London for a week the main purpose of my trip was to go and see my surgeon basically to get a date for my surgery for those of you have been following my knee ski accident.

DVT crazy journey you know it hasn’t been easy and things have kind of started turning around and I was like okay I’m gonna go to London I’m gonna get a date for my surgery I’m gonna have the surgery we have like a year-long process of rehab maybe one day if I’m crazy enough I was ski again and I went into the surgeon’s office and I came out.

Feeling pretty good add some shock news guys some very very shock news so I can’t stop spinning just because these earrings are like very spinnable can we just take a moment to appreciate and does anyone watch his tenders if anyone is British out there and has watched EastEnders you will know what I’m talking about there quite Pat butcher.

And they’re actually quite ridiculous but I just felt like color and I couldn’t move to wash my hair so I put the earrings in and yeah don’t judge so this video is mainly gonna be packed full with my surgeon and giving you guys the news just because is the most incredible person his name is mr. Adil a droid he is based in the.

Fortius clinic and also guys on San Tomas Hospital in London he is one of the best one of the best in the world particularly for ACL surgery but the best way of describing a dil from meeting him just three times three or four times is he is one of the most caring surgeons I have ever met he looks at the bigger picture to an extent that.

I’ve never known before he cares so much about his patients he takes into account everything that encompasses their life not just the injury itself but their career their lifestyle how it’s affecting their mental health and yeah I feel very very lucky to have had him as a surgeon even though I might not be having surgery but I just want to say.

For those of you who are going through a similar situation at the moment or have been through a similar situation you’ve had a knee injury maybe even a ski accident ACL rupture do not give up this is proof that if we look after our bodies they will thank us in the long run and I know I am in a very very unusual situation right now I am totally.

Aware of that but one thing that I’ve learned throughout this process is your mental strength is just as important as your physical strength your compliance with your physio and your prehabilitation is invaluable it’s been me by myself physio once a week but I have been so compliant my nutrition has been so OnPoint guys and I know I sound.

Like a geek but I don’t regret it for one second every single book on healing on an anti-inflammatory diet I can physically find I listen to every podcast I could get my ears on to like this news yes has been a shock but I’ve crafted for it and you guys deserve exactly the same thing so I really really hope you take something away from.

This I’m gonna go over to a dill now take us back to London and let him do the talking and if you guys have any questions at all I’m here for you please comment them down below I love you so much them thank you so much for your support over the last three and a half months I.

Guess I’ve just finished up my assessment I want to introduce you to mr. Adil at Jewett who is my surgeon face here in the fortieth clinic in London I’m gonna be asking him a few questions which you guys sent in to me regarding my needs I just had some pretty amazing news relatively common in ski injuries it is a multi ligament.

Injury meaning that there’s more than one ligament damaged now the main question is why have we waited for surgery why did we not just go straight in and operate we did sometimes you’ve got all these injuries acutely yet so within the first week or so vietri yeah but from experience we found it and that doesn’t always give us the best results.

And and what we like to think about in terms of the ligaments within the knee is we divide them up into those ligaments that generally don’t you yeah and those are the lateral collateral ligaments yeah and the ACL and and then those thickness that can heal if you support them properly and hold them in a good position yeah and those ligaments.

Of the MCL and the PCL and so the philosophy that we now work towards is one of allowing the ligaments that can heal to heal yeah so we call that a downgrading philosophy while maintaining good joint health so maintaining good range managing the swelling maintaining as much muscle strength as we can we always get muscle wasting we try to meet.

Together as much as we can and it wants the ligaments of healing downgraded we look what we’ve got and whatever hasn’t healed and whatever is still reduce and unstable we then consider treatment options which can sometimes increase it yeah so in my case it was the MCL that we braced for I don’t know eight weeks six to eight weeks and that Hill.

Beautifully so we went down a strict and still Bruce improving yeah and that was six weeks of very very strict brace in yet day and night with the greatest week it’s not at all times yeah with a limited range of the first two weeks and then gradually increase the range yes and then four weeks number seven and eight we we knew after the.

Braves really quite slowly yeah because sometimes we find that the knee can feel really good that MCL can feel really really good and at week six but then people get it going very quickly and then it can loosen up by a millimeter or two yeah we’ve that last two weeks we just like swinging out a little bit more.

Slowly yeah and not everything was done beautifully yeah you know but nothing to feel in the difference of your I’m still but we don’t injured knee and your uh Nick yeah and what would be your advice to people who don’t know whether it’s worth doing prehab three have is absolutely critical and mandatory yes so it’s zero injury to why I tell my.

Patients is that is that surgery’s not mandatory yeah so not having surgery and they do without an ACL which we call becoming a coop yeah a breathable option for some people and some people choose to do that and that’s not a problem at all yeah other people because they’re very young and sporty and they don’t have the risk of re-injury ought to have.

Certainly before commencing coping strategy or before commencing surgery yeah prehab is really critical to get the knee into in the best possible condition yeah so that after your surgery you’re only we have been surgery yet and not your injury yes people do be happy yeah most of your listeners.

Very young yeah but their mums and dads will remember an advert on TV yeah called the man from milk crate Academy’s chocolate but I remember so it was really supreme I said when you tubing the Seas and basically and it’s about this kind of secret double-oh-seven agent and diving into the sea through shark-infested waters.

climbing onto the yacht and creeping into into an atheist victory leaving her and it was all because the ladies love no trade yeah so he was like a cat burglar in Reverse yeah let the body of this and disappeared and knowing you use that yeah and that’s the aim of surgery.

Yeah okay see also due to creep into a quite me leave an ACL and creeped out causing the minimum of injury the minimum of paying the minimum sweating yeah so the philosophy we have yeah and if we were to creep into your knee and put your ACL in it before prehab that’s that’s a bit like creeping into a house on fire yeah yeah that’s amazing too.

Because that’s kind of what’s happened with me I guess rehab has played such a major role we have to pre have of you really really critical to allow your MCO to downgrade yeah allow your fibula fracture to heal yeah and interesting me today for months examining on me and you may fall into a very small subset of people whose ACL has actually healed.

Yeah so as I mentioned that it’s your easy doesn’t heal but we do know that about one percent of patients if they go really really slow and if the two floppy ends of the torn ACL are kind of touching yeah not opposed and if you don’t stress that which in your case we didn’t the name of Gregory they may heal back yeah and when we.

Examine your me doing the special meters it feels like you have an ACL just crazy is where but yeah a lot unknown yeah so that’s really important because at this stage that allows us to put on the brakes yeah because I know you’d kind of having familial research and your background physiognomy.

You felt that the surgery was maybe the best in two years yeah and we can’t meet it with a brick for that now yeah and we go to reassess you me possibly with it with another MRI scan uh-huh assist the strop to the ACL yeah and if it feels good and it looks good and it’s behaving well then I don’t need your surgery could we have a quick look at the ACL.

Absolutely disappoint a few structures so this is looking at your knees sideways yep so your kneecap is at the front of your knee here yeah this is the fire bone called the femur okay and this is the shin bone called the tibia yeah and this structure here which I’m going to show like this this is the AC oh yeah an ACL there should be a solid black.

Line with lots of fibers which are lined up and a powder yeah that makes you look a little bit like the grain they’re looking at the grain in a plank of wood yeah the lines of the grain should follow up with it shouldn’t break in your case there’s this line going through the ACL and that the signal with the AC is bruised so should will be kind.

Of quite dark grey or even black yeah but it’s a bit blotchy with white which told us the tissue is quite brilliant mhm so this is the ACL tip yeah and the white man white bit there yeah and if we slide through your slices and we go through to a different slice we can see this is your PC and your posterior cruciate and that kind of gives you an.

Idea of what the ACL should look like in that orientation yeah and that’s an uninjured an uninjured PCR and so that’s your ACL injury mm-hm and because your two pieces of ACO were pointing towards each other yeah I think they may well of yield Wow I’m time hotel three months your rehab yeah so I think we came up with a rehab.

All the good shrimp look you’ve been doing yeah and I think we should do an MRI scan beyond the six-month mark yeah because that would give us a really good idea as to how much ACL healing and remodeling this thing yeah and if it is as we expect which is to say that the tissue is in continuity and good caliper then we can work on a non operative.

Course of treatment and and that’s not the same as being a cope without Malaysia yeah that’s getting back to being cutting twisting sports woman yeah with an ACL is working so there could be the option to ski again if I want absolutely absolutely if I want I’m sure we’ll see what’s very.

Mine is always the possibility yeah they may not look thick and strong and and we’ll remodel it we’ll take that under advisement and will yes yeah amazing so now it’s just back to the hard work back to the hardware for the good news messages yeah is good prehab yeah good good physio yeah good nutrition yeah yeah yes nice that really sums it up.

Doesn’t it it really does Thank You Adele no problem so now I think you guys will understand why I’m so happy I have a long way to go guys about another years worth of rehab and for once I feel excited I could get very emotional right now but I’m not going to but this has been the toughest challenge of my life and it sounds very dramatic but looking.

Back through the videos at the beginning and how upset I was and how challenging it was oh whoever say I’m not gonna cry that I Christ I just want all of you guys to know regardless of how how small your injury is how much you’re fighting against the odds do not give up please do not give up do everything that.

The specialists are telling you to do and more and yeah guys I’m here for you if you need any advice any encouragement any motivation I’m here with you every step of the way and I promise to upload more regularly sorry about that but yeah please hit the subscribe button drop a comment down below give this video a thumbs up all of that jazz which you.

Already do because you guys are amazing and I will see you for another video very soon and as I said before I am beyond thankful for your support it’s actually you guys have played a major role in getting me through this so thank you and I love you hi Isabel what 4kg now after he was supposed to be a toy poodle.

He’s so leggy he’s just like his mom look at the length of those legs oh thanks Ted’s oh I love him so much he’s literally changed my life say bye dibs

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