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ABS & WAIST PILATES BURN (7 Day Challenge) | 20 minute Home Workout


What’s up guys how are we happy wednesday are you ready i’m gonna be absolutely burning your core now before we get started just to let you know obviously you’re behind the camera but behind the camera is another camera there it is um because i’m doing i’m filming for my.

Vlog for tomorrow which is what i eat in a day so everyone who’s watching the vlog tomorrow which is hopefully going to be you guys hello i’m going to be showing you what i had i’m going to be showing you what i had for snacks before this.

Live because it’s currently 8 30 p.m here in dubai so it’s late i’ve had some snacks to kind of boost my energy and i’m gonna be having dinner after this but anyway let’s get stuck in yes teddy let’s do this okay go baby all right guys no equipment needed if you do want to make it harder you can.

Grab some light weights so you can even grab your hip band and not your adjustable your hip band and you can use that instead of weights eight minutes two circuits and then we have a little kind of finisher at the end which is one minute okay 45 seconds on 15 seconds off.

Those of you who are advanced of which there are quite a lot of you you can do it for a full minute on each exercise now i’m gonna tell you this is gonna be brutal okay but you are gonna freaking love it at the same time 15 second countdown guys i want you starting off in hold okay so.

Rolling back to where you really feel that core kicking in relax the shoulders we’re gonna reach to the ankle then we’re gonna pop two one let’s go one two three four one good work guys 20 minutes i’m with you i want this.

To burn those abs are gonna be on fire let’s push it the top one two three four.

three is now if you’ve got weights grab a hold of those weights we’re going to not.

Be if your hips are hurting lower the legs out or open keep pushing come on keep pushing guys are you okay teddy 15 seconds.

your core should be feeling awake okay we’re now going with eight bicycles into eight step bug so we’re up we come across for eight then we go straight for eight find that b four three two let’s go one two three four five six.

keep going come on and straight should be feeling that okay we have a scissor.

With hundreds all right so basically teddy your legs are up like so you’re gonna be pumping as you tap the toe down okay going four three let’s go you are not making this hold there if you can hold those legs up.

Beginners drop them down have a break everyone else hold them up okay we’ve been doing this in our recent videos we’re going to be reaching to the ankles then straightening out getting in four three two let’s go reach straight.

Says and if you can hold those legs straight guys if you can hold there.

For the next exercise we’re coming up in full three it’s two okay left just switch guys let’s go this one time a halfway we’re gonna make it higher how’s that core feeling guys you want to go from hip joint to hip joint.

Nearly halfway four left 15 seconds oh my gosh that burn is so real right now okay coming into a side plank of your choice.

Beginners you’re here intermediate one in front of the other advance one on top of the other and we’re just gonna hold pull strap down on the forearm if you need to guys hold strong your last next side and four and three and two is up lower.

nine eight seven hold strong here’s higher five four quarter eight two and one oh okay can you please tell me if it’s just me because basically i’ve been filming for.

The app so today i actually haven’t done as much today yes i have that salary and yesterday and the day before and my call oh my gosh my core is dying right we’re going to go to the other side let me know out of 10 how your core is feeling and because i need to know how much harder to push you basically so be.

Honest okay guys we’re going 15 seconds straight on to the other side we’re starting off with exactly the same exercise so pick the level that suits you down on your forearm up on your hand erase the nine okay tell me i’ve got to work harder.

okay whole face hold strong fair point though a lot of these ladies have been doing workouts with me for a little while now and you’re getting stronger is that the doorbell guys that’s dinner you’re gonna see it in tomorrow’s vlog hold strong.

Post hold four three two so it’s up up lower let’s go up up lower up four three two swing around and hold twice hold more time.

double head down okay squash is let’s go oh beginners drop down onto.

Okay stay in a plank get yourselves ready going in ten nine eight seven six into that plank i want the right.

Knee towards the right elbow five four three knee right elbow guys we have four exercises left are you okay teddy you best believe these are gonna be cool coming all the way down.

We’re reaching for the center then the right right beginning you’re here everyone else 10 seconds hey come on now leave me alone good work guys how are we feeling okay i want you up.

Into sitting for me all the way up on those flat bends again double mat if you know you have to if you get sorted bone from this okay we’re running let’s let’s go.

10 seconds come on okay hands in that diamond shape underneath the lower back we’re literally going with the hold guys i want those legs up lower down as far as we can for.

Beginners here if you can advance all the way down here and hold beginners stay up high that’s fine breathe breathe in full kick break legs switch two okay slap a kick.

Alex is laughing at me because he knows how much i’ve filmed roll back pull that core in tight and hold side hold this is your last exercise that we have alone there three in four in three holder the right leg in a rotation one two one.

Straight finish it up ignore the timer four behind timer now and it’s a boat told alex if you need to you can go get the jaws.

Okay huh one minute all right guys one minute then we’re done okay it’s just hold i’m getting a stopwatch ready i want you to roll back to your biking point then we’re officially done okay three two one hold one minute pull that cord in tight if.

You know you can down if those legs are straight lock it in and don’t stop okay if they’re bent amazing if they’re down a minute 20 seconds if you can’t straighten out now too much.

Five four three have you like what was that as i said like i filmed so much that i’m actually not sure if that was actually hard or not but i felt it was hard so let me know if it was hard also i feel like monday.

And yesterday’s video youtube upload were like two of the hardest ab workouts i’ve ever filmed so i don’t know if you agree but they were freaking intense okay guys please don’t forget this is part of your weekly guides and your weekly guides are totally free.

They’re there is that the weekly guide or the finish not finish up no it’s definitely not the finisher that is the main workout what does it say on it oh no it is another finisher okay so i think there were three videos today guys no just two okay maybe just two okay so this is the other one i want you to do.

Um oh no it was yesterday sorry yesterday was the really long cardio on monday um so yeah as i was saying weekly guides all of the details are in the community part of my page so make sure you check it out but effectively i think most of you do will you guys just literally shout yes if you do the.

Weekly guides already and if you don’t do the weekly guides and you don’t know what i’m talking about can you please write no so just so i have a rough idea but basically check out the community page all of the details are there you just go onto my website you pop your email in.

And then every single sunday you’ll send a free weekly guide sometimes there’s recipes as well uh all right i’m gonna answer five quick fire questions so let’s see which ones come through i’ll let alex choose um and then i’ve gotta go and finish off filming the blog.

Okay you do do the weekly guides awesome did anyone write how hard they found that because my abs are like i always next they’re pumped they’re like insane yes okay everyone does the weekly guys i freaking love you guys you’re amazing i said it was nine okay says nine i.

Think i need to make sure i bring the burn for you guys okay let me turn my wi-fi back on uh alex if there’s any questions juicy we’re doing maximum five quick fire questions whatever you see there um okay lily i love you this is from.

Uh planetas estrellados i hope i said that right um if you do a live oh it keeps going if you knew you were live when you reached one million subscribers you’re the best great greetings from chile your band arrived ah in chile amazing that is.

Awesome the bands are arriving all over the world right now and is anyone wanting a band who didn’t manage to get it because they sold out in 37 minutes guys like what the hell so the restock will be coming and so please keep your eyes peeled because it actually won’t be that long.

Until we restock um are we gonna do a live for 1 million i want to guys we’re on i don’t even know does anyone know how many subscribers we’re wrong we’re nearly there i think it could be friday or saturday that we reach 1 million um when will the app come out we don’t.

Know the exact date yet that is from leah dobbs i’m sorry we don’t know the exact date yet but we’re doing everything we can to make it as fast as possible and this week is literally allocated to pretty much filming for the app i’m going crazy on the app on i so and i filmed loads of finishes yesterday.

For the app actually uh which was so intense i felt eight finishes uh okay ah are we done what else lily okay sorry i’m reading the same things this is not good okay alex any few okay catherine buckley 985 you’ve got 15k to go.

Guys okay i’ve got three more questions to answer christina also said 385 so proud of you i’m so thankful to you guys you have no idea i got my band today that’s from it’s kind of like laura but the other way around sorry if i said that wrong.

Um haley says in the usa what’s your favorite workout please say hi to emily please say hi naomi oh hi hayley in the states i hope you are good i’m hoping to get to the states next year we want to anyway we were saying like what would a dream be a.

Dream is to talk i’d absolutely love to do like a lilly tour how freaking awesome would that be with like mass scale events live djs music sets pumping all of us coming together but that is just a dream so i don’t know how that digressed so quickly um.

Did she ask something okay yeah i mean a fave workout i don’t really have a specific favorite workout but i love a split of pilates hit and weights they’re my three favorite um i don’t do gym weights as you know all of the weights that i do in here with you resistance training and.

So yeah that’s kind of how i love doing it and to be honest i also love my evening walks with this little fluff because it helps to loosen my mouth yes i know it’s time for walkies i’m sorry um say hi to ornela from ecuador hello nella um where am i.

I’m in dubai right now okay we’ve got one more question you are ridiculous baby and why are you so attention seeking this evening so you know how normally i do the lives like four hours earlier teddy’s normally asleep then because he naps during the day and then it gets to nine o’clock at night and all he wants.

Is attention so this is your walkie’s time isn’t it okay all right i get it mommy’s hanging from ashley faye says lily you absolutely changed my life my body and my head and my energy one question what would you suggest could be the best motivation technique for days i.

Absolutely do not want to work out uh ashley yeah hi ashley um thank you so much for the lovely message first up um honestly i think teddy come here come here come say hi to ashley okay teddy okay go to your daddy um so i would say first up don’t beat yourself up about it it’s totally normal.

To have a lack of motivation i’m gonna tell you something right now which is very real i was like so low energy before this guys i had an hour because this is really late for me so i had an hour actually on the sofa just going through emails and i had on the on in the background.

Nougat is that what it’s called new girl i love that i’m like obsessive and it got like half an hour before the life and i was like how am i going to do this my energy is so low right now and i think part of it for me i always try and remind myself of how amazing i feel after a workout like right now i’m freaking buzzing.

And that’s why i love the life so much because it’s like an exchange of energy i feel like i give you guys energy you give me energy and i always feel amazing but regardless any workout i do anything i film i know that i’ll feel great after so i try to remind myself of that another thing is if you’re feeling like you know you don’t say for example.

You don’t want to do cardio a particular day that is absolutely fine like you can mix up what you’re doing you can you can change that up with a pilates session instead so just try not to be hard on yourself you need to remind yourself that you will always feel better for moving your body.

Now you will always feel better regardless of what it is for moving your body and and yeah just enjoy the journey try not to get too fixated on having to do certain things each day i hope that helped yeah any others i love this um helen come in to ask.

Is it possible to get good results only by home workouts let’s ask the girls in this chat um the best thing to do with that question because obviously you know i’m gonna say yes because i’ve only done home workouts for like i say i’ve only i only do home workouts and that’s been the case for.

Like three years maybe longer like i am just a home workout girl i do some i was doing some gym-based stuff purely because of my knee because of my rehab but i love home workouts there’s multiple reasons and equally you know like people absolutely love the.

Gym but in terms of getting results i strongly strongly strongly believe you can get epic results at home and what i was going to say is just look at the lima lily instagram page or the facebook group and you just see the girls transformations and i feel like the pictures say more than what words could so yeah.

That’s probably answered that one but i’m so proud of you girls my gosh like you can see the smile it just makes me so happy someone has um the same initials as me ls l.s i cried because i couldn’t buy the bands uh do i need more cardio on your weekly guide to lose fat oh no there is enough cardio on that weekly guide do not worry.

There’s a lot of hit on there um and the bands will be coming back in stop don’t worry okay guys i’m going to have to leave it there because we need to finish off the vlog and it’s 901 and we haven’t had dinner yet so i’ve got my dinner downstairs uh pretty much prepped but you’re gonna.

See this all in what i eat in a day tomorrow um oh okay honestly i cancelled my gym membership because i’ve seen better results at home with lily than i ever did at a gym there you go thanks kate you’re a babe and it’s true you should see her progress seriously.

And i love watching your stories because they just make me so happy so does alex to be fair don’t you okay guys i’m going to leave you with um teddy to say goodbye oh my gosh my legs from filming who is your favorite you girl character you always use them i love schmidt schmidt.

I i actually love nick i reminds me of me you know how he’s a bit of a weirdo at times that’s kind of like that’s isn’t it so yeah i’m probably nick you’re schmidt although jess is awesome she’s just so funny oh my god some of the scenes anyway i need to stop talking about that right.

Guys we love you so much look how cute he is uh we’ve got to go for a walk we’ve got to have lots to do i dinner you guys and i’ll see you tomorrow bye
Lilly Sabri

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