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ABS in 14 Days (slow & controlled + lose fat) | 5 minute Workout


This is your 5 minute, slow and controlled, intense abs workout that gets results. No equipment needed, and you can get incredible results like these ladies just here. Please don’t forget to tag me on TikTok, on Instagram, for a chance to be featured. And if you really want to go in and get the results that you deserve, you want to be doing structured workouts.

And also, don’t forget about nutrition, it’s so important. You can get all of that, on the LEAN App. Check out the link down below, to come and join the LEAN App familia. All right, let’s get started. (workout timer beeping) Okay, guys, legs up. Puppy is optional. Straighten and straighten.

Find that beat. One and two. Good one. Come up into hover if you can. (workout timer beeps) Amazing work. Hover the legs now, hold there and then I want you to flutter kick.

One, two, one, two. (workout timer beeps) Good work, put those legs down, place the hands into a diamond, come all the way up and back down. (workout timer beeps) Good work, you guys. From there, straighten out the left leg, bend the right, and then come all the way up and back down.

(workout timer beeps) Good. Now changing onto the other side, keeping it really nice and controlled. (workout timer beeps) Good, all the way now, up into sitting. Roll back, feel the core. Lift those legs, straighten and bend.

(workout timer beeps) Oh my gosh, that burn. Roll back through the core, rotate up, rotate up. (workout timer beeps) All the way down. Now you guys, place a diamond shape underneath your back. Come up.

And straighten Sorry Teddy, flutter flutter. (workout timer beeps) Good work, take those legs to the sky now. It’s reach, lower. Oh gosh, it burns. (workout timer beeps) Good work, all the way up, now. Into sitting, boat hold.

Now, if you can, last 10 seconds, try and straighten those legs out. (workout timer beeps) You killed it. (upbeat music)
Lilly Sabri

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