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ABS FAT BURN in 2 Weeks (upper & lower belly) | 8 minute Home Workout


Today’s home workout is an 8 minute abs fat burn. We’re working the upper abs, lower abs and into the 11 line side abs, the obliques. This is going to burn. No equipment needed. I want you to do this for 2 weeks to get amazing results like these ladies. Don’t forget about nutrition and your fat burn workouts. I’ve got plenty of HIIT workouts for you to do. Make sure you search my channel. I’m Lilly and I give you free daily workout videos. Click the subscribe button and let’s do this. Starting off with your forearms down.

We’re going to straighten our legs. Cross and bend your legs. Pulling your stomach muscles in really nice and tight. We only have 30 seconds on each exercise. Keeping the legs where they are. You’re going to reach to the left ankle, then back. Then the right ankle. This looks easy, but it’s going to burn into your obliques. Coming up onto all fours. Spreading the fingertips. Tucking the toes under. We’re going to lift and then take the knee to the elbow. Come into a full plank. Pull your core in nice and tight. You’re just going to hold here.

30 seconds. Core tight. Breathe. Come on, we’ve got this. Come up into a full plank. I want you to hold the right arm out. Change sides. Really pull your core in tight. Amazing. From there, you’re going to rotate and reach up. The underneath leg is straight, and the other leg is just behind it. We’re going to lift, then tap down and lift up. Hold in a side plank of your choice. We’ve got this. You can come into a full side plank, if you want to. Just don’t give up.

20 seconds, core tight. Oh wow, that burned. Come onto your back. The legs are up. Reach for the ankles and back. Place your hands underneath your lower back. We have a reverse crunch, straighten, open and close. Come on, keep pushing. Hold your legs out straight and flutter kick. Core tight, you’ve got this. If you want to target the upper abs as well, come up into a hover. You’re halfway. Amazing work. Straight onto the other side.

Pick the side plank that suits you. Underneath leg down if you want to. Lift and lower your leg. Amazing work. You’re straightening out the underneath leg, the other foot is hooked behind. We lift up high and then drop the knee down. Do not give up. Hold strong, then we’re done. Keep your hips up high. Adjust, come higher. Roll back to your biting point. We’re finishing off with some hundreds. To make it harder, lift the legs up.

To make it even harder, straighten your legs. 20 seconds. You smashed it fam! I told you it was going to burn. I really hope you enjoyed it. Please don’t forget to click the thumbs up button. Also, click subscribe. I upload daily workout videos, so I don’t want you to miss out. See you tomorrow for another workout. Bye squad.
Lilly Sabri

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