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ABS FAT BURN πŸ”₯ Flat Stomach & Tone 11 Line Abs | 6 min Workout


If you are wanting to tone and tighten into that flat stomach,this is the workout for you. It’s just 6 minutes long,no equipment needed. I have a fusion of Pilateskiller exercises in here, which I know are going to getyou the most incredible results. Let us know how you get onin the comments down below. We have the most incrediblesupportive community. Just check out the comments. You can see people replying to each other,.

Hold each other accountable. You can get in the best shape of your life and I strongly recommend doing this as part of my longer form guides, which are structured in a way to get you in the best shape of your life. A combination of Pilates, fat burn and also strength training all from home. You can get a hold ofthis on the LEAN App.

Click down below to get involved. Join tens of thousands ofwomen all around the world and also it is for freefor the first 7 days. You can check it out, you can try it and I can guarantee you aregoing to absolutely love it. All right guys, no more talking. Let’s burn these abs. (timer beeping) Okay, coming all the way down.

Your legs are nice and wide,your hands are together. Come up, reach for the foot and back down again. 50 seconds each exercise. Make sure you’re loweringone vertebrae at a time and we are aiming for highreps with this one, okay. So once you’ve mastered yourform, speed it up a little bit. 10 seconds left. (timer beeping).

Amazing work. Taking those legs together now, we’re coming up into double leg tabletop. We’re going to go with ourbicycles holding on the fifth. Okay, so one, two, three, four. Hold on the fifth, lift, lower. Five, lift, lower. Amazing work.

Really rotate with these moves. Good work. We’re over halfway now. Keep that core engaged. (timer beeping) Amazing. Reach your armsup and over your head. Have a little stretch. We are now going into our hundreds. We’re going to start off withour feet down on the floor.

Come high into the crunch and you’re just going topump your arms up and down. Good. As we work through these 50 seconds we’re going to make it harder. Support your head if your neck is sore. Okay, now lifting thoselegs up 90 degrees, keeping those arms pumping. Okay, last 20 seconds.

Try straightening the legsout if you feel you can. Amazing work. You’re nearly there. Come on. Keep digging deep. (timer beeping) Yes, knees into your chest. You’re over halfway, guys. Breathe. We can do this. Next up is scissors. You are pulling one legin towards your chest.

Then change sides. If this feels like toomuch, bend the knees. Support the head. Tap one foot down, followed by the other. 90 degrees at the knees and the hips. If you want to make it a little harder straighten those legs out. 10 seconds left. (timer beeping).

Amazing work. Your hands are now goingto come in a diamond shape underneath your lower back, okay. Shoot those arms underneathfor a little bit of support. Your legs are up. You open, close as you lower the legs and back up again. Amazing work. Keep your core tight.

Keep breathing. Over halfway now. (timer beeping) Incredible. We are going to finish up. On all fours bring yourself up. Tuck those toes under into a box position. Spread your fingertips. You’re going to startoff just with a lift. Hold there.

Pull your core in nice and tight. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Okay, in five, in four, in three, in two. Okay, left knee, leftelbow, right knee wrapped. Good work, guys. 30 seconds then you are done. Amazing. 15 seconds left.

10, 9. (timer beeping) Yay.

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