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A Day In The Life of a Fitness ‘Influencer’


It’s 6:00 a.m. and I’ve just woken up right where my metabolism is at its highest the first thing I do you guessed it a controlled sit-up you got to activate that core in the morning I’m lily and this is the day in the life of a fitness influencer next I brush my teeth just like anyone else would but I do it with a twist.

Crab works good activate that booty breakfast avocado and toast what else would a fitness influencer eat now this is a work of art gotta get in them good fats multigrain toast of course layer on the balsamic glaze special herbs and a slice of lemon no Alex you can’t eat that camera always.

Eats first no no no this is yours okay so that’s not what a day and the life of a fitness influencer really looks like I’m not that much of a dick but I am aware that there are probably a lot of stereotypes around what are Fitness fitness fitness fitness influence it does for a living so before we get stuck into what my day actually looks like I’m.

Gonna get stuck into this I wake up at 8:00 a.m. every morning I try not to hit the snooze button easier said than done once I’m up I do about 15 minutes of breath work and stretching followed by five minutes of journaling but Eddie can make this a little difficult sometimes about six years ago now I used to work as a physiotherapist for Chelsea FC.

Academy and I learned so much from the athletes they have pretty much the same routine every single morning and I used to think could that not get a little bit boring but actually I realize now how liberating it must be you cut back on the wasted energy constantly being in a state of stress wondering what’s next and instead you can use that energy on.

The things that really matter most so as you guys can probably tell my mornings aren’t as smooth as what they looked like initially that’s always like a load of craziness going on in the background your food is there baby so coffees down and today is Wednesday which basically means it is a rehab day so I’m going to be working on my needs.

So it’s a strength session I’m gonna be doing booty hamstrings quads calves the whole lot this year I’ve basically promised myself that I’m gonna try and become a strong and lean as a physically cat but I haven’t eaten before this session this is a new like habit that I put in place two weeks ago I thought it was gonna be awful just because I’m.

Someone who needs like a lot of food I eat a lot of calories but it was actually okay so I’m now two weeks into doing fasted workouts I do have a coffee and then after my workout I basically load on the calories I have a lot of protein today’s session is gonna be an hour and a half it is mainly weights and the reason why I’m not eating beforehand.

Is because I’m trying to get my workouts done and finished by 9:30 I am NOT a morning person guys I like envy those people who I see out running at 6:00 a.m. how are you up that early that is not me so I’m trying to like force myself into new habits we don’t move my workouts by 9:30 so that I have the whole day ahead of me time to work out.

What to 2930 you will ah here is my gym space I’m ready in today’s session it’s basically gonna staff of my weights with my rehab from my knee and then I’m finishing up with a 30 minute hit session which is actually day 8 from my lean transformation guide so about an hour and a half it’s gonna be a long one it’s not gonna be pretty.

But I’m ready and just in case you’re wondering how I track what I’m doing I’m old school look this is actually taught because I’ve used it so many times but this is how I write out my program just because I hate looking at my phone during a workout because I find that I get distracted so I keep that old-school I actually put tics next to things when.

I’ve completed them but honestly I found by writing out your program you say so much wasted time for this is my rehab that I’m gonna be going through then I literally put my phone in front of me my head friends in and I follow myself yes it’s his cringe as it sounds right so for activation I pop on my resistance band and I’m doing 50 reps of each.

Exercise crab walks to the side crab Will’s forward and back donkey kicks and elevated butterfly bridges now on to the main section I’ve got three sets of ten reps of each exercise first up is the step ups slow and controlled followed by deadlifts single leg and double leg we then got hamstring rollouts slow and controlled these it.

Tells guys next up is straight leg corner kicks I actually do this up on a bench just so that I can get a lot of range and really work that glute meat okay I hate this exercise sit to stand after my ACL rupture I really struggle last up is pelvic for us my favorite for hitting the glutes and now finishing up with the leeward.

Lily guide de AIDS Wow follow you go do my guide I salute you post workouts movies so in here I’ve got plant-based vanilla protein half almond milk half water frozen berries and then my secret ingredient it so like thick is half a frozen banana some mixed linseed always ground if you can because it just.

Helps for digestion and then exactly the same with flax so you see a lot of people using flax seeds that aren’t grounds they’re gonna be really hard for your stomach to digest I really need a week yeah ready that is what I’m talking about look how thick that is oh yeah that would have.

Make it on Instagram that’s when it does quite blend properly so and I made a rookie error I basically put the protein powder in before the water so you’ve got to put the water in first then the protein powder but anyway that could be mixed economies I’m basically like really really really wanting to scoop to scoop scoop to my lower body so I’m.

Taking all the supplements correctly initial written BCAAs getting my bell there and then the other thing I’m having every morning is threes so I basically used to take separate wheatgrass and spirulina but this greens is a mix of like all greens I have to say I don’t I don’t love the taste of any greens to be honest but I just get.

It I shot it it’s so good few guys so this for basically like cleansing your whole system getting and all the goodness that you could possibly need and this for growing than Marcel and recovery okay and now I need to cook breakfast so I hate spending loads of time cooking in the morning but at the same time I love eating.

So I’ve come up with a shortcut which I’ve been doing for a couple of years which is basically batch cooking so I cook a lot in the evenings for dinner so that there’s leftovers for the next day or the next couple of days for breakfast and lunch so today I’m having chickpea burgers which we had last night but with a twist we’re gonna add a few.

Ingredients to it in basically this mitt it takes 50 minutes to make up I would say in here we’ll the recipes on my website but it’s basically chickpeas onions Kara and a whole load of spices and then you get it into a patty there’s a little bit of flour in there so it isn’t gluten free but it is vegan.

And then you drop it in whoa better and they’ll be ready in like three minutes we also got baked beans on here I’d normally avvocato but that is hard enough to break a window i Mikado’s drives me crazy but otherwise breakfast is that big at all how good is that so every day I write out my top three things that I must do I don’t write any.

More than three just because I find I don’t get them done by writing it down on the whiteboard I feel that I’m far more accountable and I keep glancing up at it and it’s the best feeling to take it off so it’s now around 10:30 and this is the first time that I am logging in to social media I basically have a new habit and I don’t know if any of you.

Guys can relate to this but I found that I was waking up every single morning and checking Instagram Facebook and even YouTube you guys check in on you guys before I’ve even got up out of bed and I was wasting so much time scrolling through my phone so my new rule is I get up I do my routine I work out and then I check social media I not only check.

Facebook on my laptop there’s actually it’s some really really interesting research incredible author that I was listening to who was saying you need to kind of compartmentalize where you’re absorbing your content so for me Facebook is on my laptop Instagram is on my phone and YouTube is actually on both and I found it has been an absolute game.

Changer I’m not wasting as much time just scrolling through and not really gaining much if you know what I mean so right now Facebook is on here I then check through my emails reply to any emails and then I get stuck in with what is on my whiteboard if possible I try to keep all my meetings to the afternoon just because otherwise I feel like I’m.

Wasting my whole day so as per I’m rushing turning my make up for an event which I’m very late for by Jenny Lovett any date no date night I’m so excited and so we everything’s filling everything we’re approaching the restaurant now Alex and I are having our like fortnightly date night that we try to have the Burj Khalifa tallest.

Building in the world I can’t even catch the top of it so we’re going somewhere that gives you an idea of what the day and the life of a content creator looks like now as you might be able to tell there is no such thing as a normal day for me it literally changes every single day and I love that I really do and when.

I first got into this industry I just found it so exciting and amazing that I didn’t know what was gonna be happening the next week or even the next day yes that is amazing and I wouldn’t change it for the world however I have found as I’ve done more reading and more self-development that actually having a bit of routine and habits in your life.

Is so so important for success and Happiness particularly for me I need a way of tracking my life I need a way of knowing where I’m going and this industry is always changing and you never know what’s coming so for me building daily habits is really really important I graduated from university ten years ago as a.

Physiotherapist if you were to have told me that I would be making a living by sharing my life online sharing my work out sharing my recipes I think I would have spat my drink out on your face that was the best analogy I come up with like I never thought this was physically possible I got into physiotherapy because I wanted to help people because.

I hate seeing people in pain and I soon found out that I could only see a certain amount of patients every single day even if I literally filled up my diary back-to-back I could only see 16 people a day now I’m reaching thousands of people through being online the fact that you’re watching this right now thank you.

You don’t know how much it means to me and I really hope I’m adding value I hope I’m helping you guys I hope you’ve got an opportunity to see what I do every single day wish sometimes can be crazy but I often want to make it as normal as possible because building habits has been a game changer for my happiness I hope you guys I’ve got to.

See what my day entails and if you have any other questions about how I make a living how I actually make money out of this or what is coming up next cuz there’s a lot coming please do comment down below and yeah I’m gonna go and actually film some workouts now cuz you guys gotta have some workouts there’s a new challenge coming guys I.

Love so much thought you really loved me guess I was wrong thought you’d never leave me guess I was waiting like forever to be your plus-one but guess you learn turn left me at the party out of the blue
Lilly Sabri

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