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7 Day Beginner Core Challenge | Flat Tummy Exercises | Day 1


Observe notoriously such a difficult area for us ladies to tone and that is why I have designed this seven-day free guide for you beginners out there who are wondering how to actually activate the core how to tone this area and how to basically get you on your way to achieving a tone flat stomach having a strong core can help prevent back pain.

And also to be honest just improve your overall health so if you are going to be coming on this seven day journey with me I’m going to be with you every single step of the way please don’t forget to smash that thumbs up button it really supports my channel and also even more importantly hit the subscribe button and the bell icon next week because that.

Means you’re going to get a notification of every single time I upload a new workout which is pretty frequently guys if you want to see some of the other amazing ladies who have been on the leave with Lily journey over the last year you can check out my facebook group lean with Lily guides and I’m also going to show you our babe Alexa just to show.

You how incredible she looks and she is one of many guys that this is her transformation right here doesn’t she look amazing okay without further ado no equipment needed seven minutes on the clock let’s get that core on fire starting off with scissors we’re gonna imprint the spine by flattening on the back into the.

Mat pull the core in really nice and tight and relax your eyes down bring one leg up to 90 degrees followed by the other keep that lower back flat and breathe out as you tap the toes down and back up again right in we’ll be the best girl in this whole world my hands on your body so tell me tell me.

What you want me to do amazing next up we’re going to be coming up into sitting from here with a micro bend in the knees nice and high up of the buck bones that arms the rest in fact I’ll find you you know brought back to what I do the biting point the point where you feel like your clothes really kicking in and then using the hounds you’re gonna come.

At you imitates breath out as you come up first in as you lower to make it harder barely use the hands or hover them if you want to okay good and three legs from here great next up number three we’re gonna stay in that same position pile up on the puppet you’re going to roll back to.

Your biting point against the point where you can fill your core okay you’re gonna rotate hip joints to here doing tapping your hands down making sure you’re following your hands with your eyes to get those obliques the 11 line out okay keep it slow and controlled and those.

Stomach muscles nice and tight and if you’re struggling at any point just come a little bit higher and continue that good work amazing next up we’re going to lie all the way down we’re going to work the left side first of all keeping the right.

Knee best you support their head with your left hand reach your right hand towards your left ankle and straighten it out okay so we’re working a little bit of a bleak side and the deep core let’s go breathing really crunching up and in with this one and supporting the neck okay so you don’t get neck pain cradling that head keep the breathing.

Control going amazing we’re gonna be changing on to the other side just give your core and a little great stretch up and over ah I get yourselves ready before the other side so cradling this time up with the right hand we’re gonna reach the left hand towards the right angle and straighten out okay really crunching in.

okay next up we have a set of hundreds one of my favorite Pilates core exercise this we’re going to keep the feet flat you don’t roll out for the up okay the idea is forward in between the thighs the hands are in pull up the core nice and tight go back blacks pumping me up let’s go good rule of thumb you want.

To breathe in for five there’s a pump up and down and then bring it out for five it and make it past it behind all over town okay leg up to you oh okay last exercise number seven we’re going to be doing this today and on day seven our last workout is a boat hole okay so I’m starting you up nice and low level it’ll roll back to our back to the.

Point where the core is really nice and tight and hold there to start that with okay so rolling back the hands to behind out the stomach muscles are really really nice and tight you’re just gonna try and lift the left leg off the floor and hold breathe pull those stomachs was in really nice and tight if you can you’re gonna lift the other leg as well.

Otherwise keep it down okay we’re half way we’re gonna change legs and said if you want to politically on one up as well and tidy up to you yeah well done guys we smashed it day one of seven complete if you enjoyed this video please do Chris the bottom.

That somewhere down here that’s a symbol that looks like a thumbs up it really supports my channel also hit the subscribe button because you don’t want to miss out on all the other epic work outside cover coming pretty much every single day tune back in tomorrow guys for day number two I hope you enjoyed it and.

I’ll see you manana thought you really loved me guess I was wrong thought you’d never leave me guess I was waiting like forever to be your plus one you litter left me at the party
Lilly Sabri

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