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6 PACK ABS FINISHER | 10min Guaranteed BURN you can do ANYWHERE!


Hey Amelia welcome back to another real-time workout today is a ten minute intense ab session is all about the ABS I have just finished my own workout downstairs here in Dubai in the bird I’m now up pretty high I thought I’d finish off my work out with you so it’s a 10-minute ABS intense finisher I’ve just done cardio and weights downstairs so my.

Body is kind of shaking I finished that about 15 minutes ago so the sweat has now dried off nice and I thought I would finish up with what I would normally do at the end of a workout which is ten minutes of intense abs now this is something that people do wrong sometimes they tend to just Chuck a finisher on the end and it’s not overly specific.

Your muscles are really tired by the end of a workout which trust me I get so it’s all about slowing the movements down making sure that the movements are really precise and that we’re hitting those core muscles all four layers I’m gonna do the entire thing with you so follow me as we go along I’ve got the timer as per we’re doing 45 seconds on.

15 seconds recovery of each exercise if you feel strong enough and you want to push through you can actually do the full minute it’s been tiring up to you I’m gonna remind you to go long these workouts are for absolutely everyone semi beginners do not be scared I’ve got you my advance my intermediate I want you to push.

Through these workouts that absolutely everyone before we get started please give this a like a heart a thumbs up whatever channel you are watching on and also hit subscribe hit follow for three real time workouts a week also all of my recipes are on my website healthy yummy recipes take a little look down below okay so we’re gonna start off by lying.

Down onto our backs from there bending the knees up planting the feet down I’m just going to to do a couple of pelvic tilts if any of you are wanting to get a slightly longer tutorial on finding correct core position I have got Pilates for beginners tutorial out there so finding that pelvic tilt and then from there.

Bringing yourself into imprint so not all the way out but flattening the back into the mat from there interlocking the fingers hands behind the back of the head bring yourself high up into a crunch lift one leg up followed by the other the time its gonna start now okay scissors we’re talking one foot down and back up again slow and controlled with.

This without touchdown bread then back up and on and 45 seconds of this going at your own pace making sure that that lower back is flat into the map in imprint and the core is nice and tight keep going at your own pace anyone struggling drop one leg down everyone else keep going and go for that single leg my beginners you can go with this.

Level everyone else both legs are up beginners change legs for me good 45 seconds only we’ve got five seconds left what these it’s just 15 separate recovery and one really advanced keep going with that movement for me the next one hands are going to come in a diamond.

Shape underneath the small of the back both lector up the sky low them down as far as you can flex feet flutter kicks up and down now if your mortgage you know you’re absolutely fine to have the legs up higher everyone else keep those legs nice and low for me pull that core in tight and breathe okay just going to get into.

Quickly glanced up at the screen look at my head positioning my chin is tucked to my chest like I’m holding all underneath and my I gaze is forward okay if you can I want you to lower those back down squeeze that butt and pull those stomach up with in nice and tight beginners we’re up here absolutely fine don’t worry about what level you’re at.

Just worry about Google Gold’s you have five seconds left breathe a to my knees into chest 15 seconds recovery that is two down next one’s gonna be hundreds okay double neck take the top glue the inner thighs together come on up into a crunch and we’re gonna pump the arms up and down let’s go breath in two three four five wraps two.

Through it four right right there and out Reznik 2 3 4 5 and out 2 3 4 5 that’s the right level for you keep going there the past straighten the legs out beginners relaxing the feet down into the mat absolutely fine if the necks hurting support the head with the hand don’t give up on me keep that lower back.

Flat on the mat keep pumping you’ve got 10 seconds left but but so are those legs straight yeah we’re coming into that home straight to our knees into chest that is three exercises down okay next one single leg stretch double neck tabletop lower back black come on up into eclipse support the head you’re gonna straighten.

One leg out and back together let’s go right out straighten rectum back my lower back is flatter than that I’m hoping you others to that poured in nice and tight and the head is supported I gave in between the thighs beginners drop way to next down hover one leg up straighten and back in okay beginners I’ll tell you when to change legs.

Everyone else both legs are up okay beginners you’ve got one more rep on that side good now changing sides for the everyone else both legs are up you have 10 seconds left really good and back and back good and easy things to check for down I want those hands back in a diamond shape.

Again underneath the small of the back lift both legs up straighten the leg exactly the same as before we’re lowering down from there flex the feet tap one foot down and back up again let’s go up up anyone struggling bend the knees in and tap the foot down like we did before but this time I hands are underneath the small of the back keep.

Breathing if you can Alexa straight amazing keep going okay bend the knees if you have to it’s absolutely fine beginners have a little look up at the screen copy me if the neck is hurting that’s why I drop the head down just don’t give up you should be feeling this in your core okay we’re nearly there an amazing needed to.

Check we are halfway bring yourself up into sitting with the legs and long across the mat spread those butt cheeks sits on the bottom bones and we’re gonna roll back to our bike seat quick follow hey let’s go roll back pull the stomach muscles in and hold that should be feeling the cool picking in here so what we called a bikini bridge where we pop.

Up in those ab muscles if it’s too sore come up a little bit if it’s too sore still place the hands behind you but keep that core on or gently rest here okay keep holding keep holding okay now we’re going to do mini conversations lower lower lower good work guys +4 + 3 + 2 + 1 now hold people 10 seconds.

Hold on hold relax those shoulders a little bit lower time to lie down one hug both knees into the chest we’re gonna go for dead bugs next okay SS tabletop again nice degrees at the knees of the hip up into a crunch right hand on left shin blend armor opposite our we start it – leg.

Q you going for me guys keep pushing now you should be feeling keep going these muscles all the way down here picking it as well as the art erupts yet but concentrating on those lower abs as much as possible keep pushing we have 20 seconds left you can do it 15 seconds breathing controls it’s so important with these exercises okay we’ve got five.

Seconds left three two and one isn’t that puzzle such a lovely sound okay next one we’re going to put toad reaches our legs are up to the sky of feet flexed we try to reach the lower one let’s go keep going anyone with tight hamstrings you can place the knees down feet down I.

Should say I reach towards the knees supporting the head if you have to don’t give up guys it’s only ten minutes of exercise you can do it all the way through we’ve only got two minutes left after this those of you who are more advanced copy me incredible keep going come on we can do it you.

Should be feeling those ab muscles don’t give up hime straight to one yes guys amazing reach those arms up and over the head okay you have two exercises left we’re now going to go for bicycle hitting into those obliques double leg take top elbow to opposite knee okay let’s go you want.

That elbow to really rotate round if I’m really struggling with this it’s absolutely fine go single leg for me punch in and back out and out oh let you know when to change sides if you’re going with that slightly longer that I demonstrating now everyone else is going for a full bicycles in three in two and one beginners changing legs for me let’s.

Go everyone else you’re on that full particle I raise it I wanna exercise that bring yourself up into sitting we’re going to a choke hold okay release the feet onto the mat place the back down you’re gonna roll back to your boxing point for me now back up pull those muscles should be feeling a.

Kick in okay from there you’re going to lift one leg up single leg take it up if you can’t handle it with the other leg up palms are facing inwards or up with all those stomach muscles in nice and tight anyone more advanced straighten the legs out relax the shoulder everyone asks bend the knees down if you need to place.

Those feet down just don’t give up okay 20 seconds left you can do it getting cramp in my foot oh my gosh I need to have some water okay ten seconds left you can do it guys relax those shoulders last five four three that is the final buzzer you made it guys I really struggled with that today I don’t know about you I’ve just done a.

Really intense hour-long workout downstairs so Mike asked will it be like chasing there and that’s how they should be when you’re doing your core correctly so I really hope that helped you guys I would recommend coupling that with one of my total body fat burners and mixing up the ABS workouts that you’ll do if you’re.

Looking to Train out two to three times a week to get results coupled with the right nutrition and some fat burners as well and that’s when you’re gonna get those visible ab results and I shall see you pretty soon for the next workout sending you like the last one also please drop a comment down below to.

Let me know how you get on because I love hearing from you guys I will be replying to all of you and I also want to know what she wanna see lots of love bye
Lilly Sabri

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