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Let’s get a flat belly and not do a single crunch sound, are you in? Awesome, I’m Tracy and welcome back to my channel we are going to be doing a standing abs workout and i know you love standing abs but if your new to my channel Hello, i’m Tracy and I put out brand new fitness wellness and lifestyle videos every single week so make sure you.

Subscribe to my channel do that you never miss a workout so let’s get started with this standing abs workout, guess what you mean absolutely nothing so you have no excuses come on let’s go ok let’s started, just stand with your legs hip width apart and just start by moving to ribs a little bit side to side now you can do this seated on a chair if you have a hard time and your hips start.

Moving naturally, maybe your Shakira, so you can just keep those hips still I don’t know what s wrong with me today. Good, so now let’s do two on each side, so two and two good, do we’re just doing these dancer inspired isolations with the ribs and these are so effective create you know those lines, but it’s really important that you squeeze the belly into the spine and back to single good…two times and two, two good, so now take your hands behind your head. I want you to kick your hip.

And do a squeeze just on that one side okay and squeeze it, this is working the obliques here, you’re definitely going to be feeling this squeeze that it, and squeeze so if you feel like you have any extra stuff on the side of your waist this is your move good and great, let’s do that on the other side and squeeze and squeeze I love standing abd so much because it definitely excuse proofs your workouts.

Squeeze it and squeeze that’s it….good…. great we’re gonna do two more perfect. Good, so now we’re gonna go hip up and hip up now two times and up and up so we got a little dance I’m kind of lifting my heel a little bit to it makes it a little bit easier to get more motion good and up perfect great so now I just want you to have your hands interlaced with your fingers here and your going to reach behind you, just reach back with a little bit of a lead.

Squeeze, ok and it’s really important that we keep the pelvis pointed straight forward, ok right to me because otherwise you’re not going to get that isolation and that is really going to be working your torso your reach that i’m also doing my wall squeeze and squeeze watch your finger good keep going you’ve got it this actually feels really good on your back ok good, so now what I want you to do is just stand here.

You’re going to pull in your abdominals as you do a little crunch forward and then don’t put your foot down on the ground, let’s work your balance here so we’re working our core so we’re gonna squeeze with a little bit of a rounded position here. This is working those lower abs because were really driving that knee up, okay got it…squeeze perfect and the other side, squeeze and squeeze keep on going, that’s it really draw that belly button into your spine if you’re not contracting those abs, guess what.

Your not working and I know them to work just go elbows towards your hips here really try to get as much motion going as possible so don’t cheat it like this ok really move your waist good, two more…and perfect good so now back to those ribs you got it now double, double it up perfect, go into your lean back and lean it back really pull in the belly I know we look at little silly, but when you’re really doing this and you’re squeezing that belly.

You’re gonna feel the work good, two more and other side, lean back good, really pull in your abdominals keep those hips forward it’s so important that you squeeze the abs because otherwise you risk hurting your back a little bit I know you don’t want that let’s put those hands behind your head we’re gonna go up and up singles that really lift that hip feel that squeeze good you got it, now doubles double, now other side.

Double and double up, and it’s fun, right? you can take this one to the dance club 🙂 Tell them I sent you…actually don’t Scoop under, the same movements just picking up the pace scoop and scoop really feel that this knee is lifting because of your abdominals contracting whew…I’m loosing my balance other side, and squeeze and squeeze come on, keep going, that’s it You did great, so I hope you really felt that deep inner work that comes from doing those standing abs exercises so.

Excellent for those of you who don’t like doing crunches, soI hope you loved it make sure to give it a thumbs up leave me a comment below subscribe to my channel and i will see you next time okay bye
Tracy Campoli

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