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500 REP BOOTY and SLIM LEGS Home Workout Challenge | Can You Do It?


Today’s home workout is a 500 rep toned legs and round booty workout challenge. I hope you are ready for a burn. All you need, if you have it, is a kettlebell. If you don’t have a kettlebell, please don’t worry just grab water bottle, bag of rice or whatever you can get your hands on at home. We are going to get started, but before we do please do smash the thumbs up button and hit subscribe. Don’t forget, I have a 50% off sale, of everything on my website, right now! My guides and my cookbook are on sale. Let’s do this. Grab your kettlebell, or anything heavy you can get your hands on, like a bag of rice. First exercise, 50 reps, we’re going with a reverse lunge. Nice, tight core. Come down low. Squeeze the butt at the top. Let’s go.

That’s 25. Straight on to the other side. If you have a heavyweight just hold it nice and close to the chest. Sinking through that front heel. 25 reps. Good work. Stepping your legs nice and wide. We’re working into the inner thighs. Holding the kettlebell into the chest. Or a bag of rice. From here, we are going to pump from side to side. Weight back through the heels. Hi teddy! Really nice and low, that’s 10. 30 left. Now do single side lunges.

Good work. That is two exercises down. We have eight to go. Lying on your back. Hold that kettlebell or weight on your pelvis. Dig your heels in. Tight core. Come onto the toes of one foot, then your heel. 12 left. Drop the weight to the side. Stay high with the pelvis. Squeeze the butt. Put the left ankle over the right knee. Lower down, then up. This is exercise number 4. 25 reps each side. No break! Place your leg down. Change to the other side.

Hamstrings now. Digging the heels in as far away from the butt as you can. This is going to burn the back of the thighs. Lift that pelvis up nice and high. Squeeze the butt. If you want to make it harder. Put the kettlebell or weight on to the pelvis. Let’s go. Pump. Open your legs and close them. Just a few inches. Good work. 20 pump ups left. We are halfway through! That is 250 reps! You are going so well! Come into a bridge. Feet very wide. Knees together. Touch the inner thighs.

Come up and squeeze the inner thighs together hard. Come up for 10. Then open and close for 10. Put the weight on your pelvis if you want to make it harder. Let’s go! Open, close. Touch those inner thighs, really squeeze. Hold high, pump up. Squeeze and hold. 200 reps to go.

Come onto all fours now. Get ready for a burn. Fire hydrants, with a twist. Come out to the side, then straighten your leg and lower. Straight onto the other side. 25 reps. Inner thighs now. I want you to grab a hold of your weight. Put the upper leg in front of the underneath one. Place the weight onto the inner thigh. Flex your foot. Up and lower. 10 left.

Keep the weight on or take it off. Pump of you 20. You should be feeling that burn. Straight onto the other side. Swing your body around. Hook the upper leg over the underneath one. Place the weight. Flex the foot. Let’s go. Now pump up for 20. 1 exercise left. Come up into standing. We are doing a curtsy lunge. 50 reps. Then we are done! Hug the kettlebell, bag of rice, weight, or whatever it is, in close to your chest.

Step the leg behind, then to the center. Come nice and low, then center. If you want to make it harder, squat in between. Or here. Core tight. It’s up to you which level of exercise you do. Last one. Good work. Straight on to the other side. Stepping that leg over. Sinking nice and deep. Either squat or come up into standing. Up to you. Just over 10 to go.

Two more, then we are done. If you enjoyed that workout, please do smash the thumbs up button also hit subscribe. I don’t want you missing out! I upload daily workout videos, so it’s worth clicking that subscribe button. Don’t forget about the 50% off sale, it ends in about 10 hours. Bye!
Lilly Sabri

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