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5 Minute Standing ABS workout | No Equipment


So you want to work your abs but you hate getting down to the floor then this is the workout for you hello gorgeous girl welcome back to my channel and today i’ve got a fabulous see what i did there fab you listen standing ab workout just for you so you don’t need any equipment for this workout at all you don’t even need.

Shoes and the best part is you don’t have to get down to the floor this is a great workout for those of you that don’t like getting down on the floor maybe you’ve got an injury or just doesn’t feel comfortable for you these standing abs i assure you they work so let’s do this workout and i’ll see you on the other side.

So start off by just moving your ribs side to side here you’re just doing a rib isolation i know that these might look silly but i’m telling you these really work in order to really sculpt these abdominal lines we want to work our body more like a dancer and this is a real staple now i want you to do double twist to each side.

What’s most important here is that we keep our pelvis really still and that as you’re twisting to the side you’re really wringing out those obliques so you’re definitely sculpting those beautiful oblique lines here it should feel so good next we’re going to chop some wood so.

It’s really important here that you drive that movement down so that you’re really targeting once again those obliques i love this movement so much because not only is it very effective but it’s also really great to get out any aggression that you might have so have fun with this.

You’re doing so great keep pulling in the abdominals let’s move on to the other side so one side might feel a little bit stronger than the other that’s one of the things i always tell my ladies inside of my fitness membership total body transformation you know it’s it’s normal to feel like one side’s a little bit stronger to have a.

Dominant side but that’s why we do exercises where we isolate one side and the other so that you can create more balance inside of your body and that’s where program design really comes in like we have inside of tbt to really help you all right good so let’s move on you’re going to do a lateral lift to the side with your leg with a little oblique.

Crunch okay so i love this because not only are you now add a little bit of a twist here so you’re going to twist towards the leg here see how i’ve got that little different rotation okay we’re working in both directions there because i want you to really sculpt those obliques so notice how i’m.

Twisting here uh this is also great for challenging your balance especially for those of us at over 40 unlike me good let’s go to the other side so first to just straight lateral lift balance gets harder you know it’s harder to keep our balance and now add that rotation into it as we get older so doing movements like these are so great to make sure.

That we stay fit we stay healthy and we keep our balance as we get older all right so let’s move on i love this one because you get to get a little sassy here so i want you to really pop that hip out and really squeeze the waist and then just like you were doing before add a little bit of rotation here.

So we’re squeezing the waist so it’s four little hip pops out to one side and then you’re gonna rotate four times into that popped hip again i’m changing these rotations okay go again to the first side i’m changing these rotations on purpose so that you’re really sculpting and toning so four and four on each side beautiful you can thank me.

Later when you see those beautiful muscles not just two so pop it and twist it and pop it and twist it that’s it good so now you’re gonna reach to that foot or your knee or your thigh whatever works for you this is a fantastic.

Exercise to really isolate your lower abdominals right so if you’re a lady that tends to complain about a lower belly pooch this is the move for you let’s move on to the other side here excellent excellent work i love doing standing abs so much because you know oftentimes the ladies inside of total.

Body transformation tell me you know i don’t want to get down to the floor and that’s why we always have the saying there’s always something you can do because even if you don’t want to get down onto the floor and you want to remain standing this is a great great movement and you’re still getting those fantastic lower abdominals getting.

Strengthened and toned all right good so now we’re going to do a little standing crunch so you’re going to just kind of curl the upper body forward here and you’re keeping your pelvis still at first and now notice how i’m tucking the booty under four times here good so the pelvis stays.

Still as you crunch down okay so you’re really isolating in that top and middle part of the abdominals and now we’re going to add that tuck under so you’re working the entire abdominal wall here you really should feel this you should really be drawing in the belly keep going with me.

woohoo i mean do you feel fabulous or what i love doing standing abs exercises like this because they are so effective and when you really keep your focus and your mind in it trust me you absolutely will see results this was a little bit of a sneak peek workout that i pulled.

From my fitness membership and community total body transformation by now you might know that it is the best community on planet earth we’ve got women from all over the globe and it’s such an incredible program and it really produces amazing results for ladies at any age at any stage of life so if you haven’t already checked it out please do.

So here it’s linked down below the description box or up here in the cards as well and if you want to keep these standing abs exercises going make sure to join me over this workout and i will see you over there you
Tracy Campoli

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