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5 Minute SCULPT: Strength Training for Women Over 40


Foreign welcome back to my channel and today I’m going to give you a little snippet of a full-length workout that you’ll only find inside my fitness membership and Community total body transformation this is a sculpting and strengthening workout that we like to call The Hourglass workout because it’s going to trim your.

Waist it’s going to lift your butt it’s going to firm and trim up your thighs so you really get that gorgeous hourglass shape that we all love so I do use a three pound weight for this workout if you’ve got anything from a one to a five pound weight you can use that for this but if you don’t have anything do not skip this workout because inside TBT one.

Of the things that we always say is there’s always something you can do grab a wine bottle or just do this without anything but don’t skip your workout all right let’s go and I’ll see you on the other side so watch this you’re gonna have the weight here on top of one shoulder the other heel is going to be lifted here.

You’re going to squat here then I want you to go elbow elbow all right squat let’s put both arms up it’ll just be easier squeeze squeeze okay even though we’ve got one weight that’s okay squeeze so we’re going booty squeeze it now we’re waist right and four squeeze waist really get that butt out get it underneath you squeeze.

Seven Up squeeze three more guys good squeeze two more uh-huh and squeeze last one down down up and squeeze and good you guessed it we’re gonna do that all on the other side so heel is lifted weight is here pretend you’re holding like a weighted bar here and let’s do it booty out up squeeze it squeeze and squeeze booty out.

Lift it up squeeze it good this is three squeeze good almost there four lift it squeeze and again five lift squeeze six up squeeze keep on going here seven lift squeeze almost there eight lift good two more We’re In It Together let’s go squeeze last one down.

And squeeze and done all right so bring the weight into your chest here once again we’re going to start with this leg so you’re just slightly forward you’re gonna just knee out to the side it’s very attractive right and three I know this is like if we were kneeling doing hydrants okay five up and in with the belly six but we’re working our core so.

Much here because you’re balancing right and eight good nine now I want you to stay here pulse it up two three oh yes five this is gonna be fun to be fun on the other side for me nine do it again and it’s up two feel that outer thigh sculpting The Hourglass and seven eight nine and awesome sweaty Magoo here all right let’s go to.

The other side so we’re here bring it to the ball of the foot here see if you can lift it up and lift it and two good straight out to the side three beautiful shoulders down your back belly in and five good sixth Breathe Here seven really Contracting the abdominals two more nine now stay up here lift and lift it three.

Good five yes seven oh eight nine do it again and it’s up and two three good four five seven eight nine Edge good I wasn’t about to give up there all right so I want you to rotate to turn out the weight is on top of your shoulder here other hand is holding that imaginary.

Weight lift up onto the ball of the foot get the booty out here with the turnout position lift it up and squeeze elbow elbow booty out Bring it under elbow elbow booty up squeeze squeeze really get full range of motion squeeze good this is spy up squeeze squeeze good six lift it squeeze very good keep going seven.

Squeeze almost there good eight and up squeeze can we do two more of course we can lift it squeeze good last one uh-huh and squeeze and good stay down here pulse two three and five seven eight nine we’re gonna do it again stay a little lower up and in with the belly three good.

Five seven oh yes eight nine and good good give it a little Shimmy Shake here let’s go to the other side okay so we are externally rotated in a second position weight is on top of your shoulder imaginary bar here lift up booty out squeeze it up Good Side Booty out squeeze it up side to side booty up.

Squeeze it and squeeze it that’s it up and squeeze good you’ve got it mm-hmm squeeze good down and up good four more and up squeeze that’s it three more and up squeeze good two more down up squeeze good last one Make It Count really move that waist and good so squat it and you’re gonna stay down here sorry.

And little pulse and two good breathe three four six eight nine do that again and a little pulse two yes three oh yes four feel that love and seven eight nine off wasn’t that so fun I love working out like this and that really focused way you know one of the things that I love.

The most about total body transformation is just how efficient it is look I’m a busy mom who also runs a full-time business so I don’t have a lot of time to work out if you’re anything like me you’re probably nodding your head right now saying yeah me too so if you haven’t already I would love it if you would check out total body transformation.

Right now it truly is the best fitness membership and community that exists and trust me I’ve tried them all you know inside of it you’ll get monthly done for you workout calendar so you’re never gonna have to think about what to do and how to get the best results you’ve got a huge variety of workouts so you’ll never hit that you know Fitness Plateau that’s.

So frustrating and most importantly everything can be done from the comfort of your own home in 30 minutes a day how amazing is that but really my favorite favorite part of total body transformation is you is all of the amazing members that we have inside the community truly it’s like the most encouraging uplifting supportive amazing.

Group of women from all over the globe so if you’re looking for some new fitness besties and you really want to make this your time to commit to your Fitness you want to check out TBT right now and we would love to welcome you inside of it today so if you want to keep going and you want to just check things out a little bit more make sure.

To do this video next and I will see you on the other side foreign
Tracy Campoli

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