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5 Minute Hormone Balancing Workout | 5 Minute Arms and Fat Burn


The workouts that you did in your 20s likely are not working for you anymore if you’re in your 40s so check this out hello gorgeous girl welcome back to my channel and today i’ve got an awesome hormone balancing workout for you that includes some great toning arm workout that i know you’re gonna love and some.

Fat burning cardio all in one so in just five minutes you are going to feel it so i do use a pair of two pound weights for this workout and this is one of my workouts that i pulled a little snippet directly from my fitness membership community total body transformation if you haven’t already checked us out what are you waiting for it is the best.

Fitness membership and community that exists on planet earth and we would love to have you be a part of it so if you like what i’m doing here on youtube you’re gonna love it there so check it out after that workout of course let’s get ready to sweat let’s get ready to burn fat and i’ll see you on the other side we’re going to talk more about.

Hormones we’re going to pick up your weights if you have them if you don’t don’t worry we’re going to go into life lifts so dead lifts but where this workout is all about love so touch the floors or your shins come on up and down.

And up now this one isn’t like a crazy cardio move here so i really want you to be focusing on form keeping the chest lifted your eyes your focus are towards me okay feel that hamstring squeezing as you come up i was working on this yesterday and so my hamstrings today are like oh.

Honey yes i feel it okay good breathing here good that’s it that’s it excellent you can go a little lower if you’re feeling less tight than i am today let’s see if she can touch the floor.

Today yes i’m just barely good keep breathing here awesome one more and a 10 second rest we don’t want to go into a dead stop here next we’re going to go into uppercut arm so we’re going to keep the weight and i want you to go as fast as possible.

Just a little punch there’s no modification here one word to the wise is don’t punch yourself in the face with a weight okay and that would suck you want to really squeeze your abdominals here make sure your waist is drawn in keep your shoulders down your back good.

You know all these boxing moves they might feel sort of masculine right sort of different style but i’ve been practicing this a lot lately and this really makes those ab lines pop and gives you that next day like what did i do was i doing ab work yes you were so pull that navel into the.

Spine good and really go for it let’s see for the last 10 seconds can you go faster now this is about love so what do you need to get rid of always think of that when i’m punching anything away good breathe hair you can drop the weights we’re going to do those three.

Again okay so press up jacks first okay are you ready yes yes all right let’s do it push it up 50 seconds now this is your second round so leave it on the dance floor show me what you got go maybe a little bit quicker.

Breathing keeping those shoulders down your back yes yes good awesome we’re doing it together feeling the love feeling the vibes good.

Good really control your breathing here this is again one of those workouts i think this isn’t so hard and then i started doing it i’m like whoa i’m out of breath right away good keep going pick up your face maybe you can go a little faster.

Come on push yourself good all right 10 second break okay life lifts again grab your little weighty weights okay second set you’re warmed up you’re ready to go let’s do it and go keep your focus.

On me down hamstring and abs squeeze the ab squeeze is not going to happen automatically right so i want you to really especially when you stand up pull in the waist gets smaller you know when i taught pilates that was one of the reasons why my girls always got such great results.

Because i was constantly reminding them some of you know because you were there 80 bajillion years ago right of like every movement every single thing you do is a core exercise when you go back let that booty go back here all right let the weight go into your heels and straight up.

Heels straight up good that’s it a few more seconds like this good and excellent okay good so we’re going to keep those weights and see how it’s trying to drop them we can’t drop them yet we gotta go into uppercuts okay.

Good are you ready bend your knees softly pull in your palms go for it good really find your jam here good push push this is a great workout really for any time of the day but i love something like this like midday you know when you want like your coffee.

Or you want some sugar do this instead okay good really squeeze those abdominals make sure you’re feeling that work good come on come on yes yes breathing here good you’re rocking you’re rolling.

Really keep it tight and that’s it that’s it good yes go go go few more seconds come on we got it and awesome oh my gosh wasn’t that fun i didn’t lie right i told you you were going to feel it now that was just five minutes of what you’ll find of the full.

Length workout that’s only available inside of total body transformation and let me tell you that is one that you really really will feel it for the next day and maybe the day after when you’re doing the full workout so if you haven’t already checked out tbt check it out here we’d love to have you as a part of our.

Transformer team now so i wanted to take a second to talk to you a little bit about hormones and why this workout specifically is hormone balancing you know you’ve probably experienced this already by now if you’re like me and you’re over 40 you’ve probably noticed that the things that used to work for you when you were in your 20s they’re.

Just not working for you anymore and that’s why i love doing workouts like these and that’s why there’s so many of these kinds of workouts inside of total body transformation i am just shy of turning 48 years old and let me tell you i love being 40 but you do have to tweak things a little bit right our hormones.

Are shifting and changing and so recovery is so important that’s why inside of tbt we have so many workouts that are interval training workouts and specifically tabata style workouts because the recovery is actually built into it that’s also why you save so much time inside of tbt because the workouts are really 30 minutes so just 30 minutes.

A day you can really strengthen and tone and really improve your cardiovascular health and really help to keep your hormones balanced when we’re constantly doing these crazy long workouts where there’s no recovery and you’re really just taxing and putting a lot of stress on your body that can really do damage to your.

Hormones now maybe some of you are saying listen i’m a long-distance runner and it really works for me well that’s great but really for the bulk of women research really shows that that isn’t the case and that especially as we’re into our 40s we’ve got to change things and that’s why i’m so passionate about workouts like these and what you’ll find.

Inside of tbt because i don’t want you to be fit for five minutes i want you to be fit for the long term for your whole life so whether you’re 25 watching this 35 watching this 45 55 65 75 or beyond i want you to be able to find workouts that you can do for the rest of your life and that’s why tbt is designed the way it is i could go on and on and on.

But i won’t but if you want to learn more about what it really takes to be fit and fabulous over 40 you are invited to my brand new master class fit and fabulous over 40. so that is also linked in the description box below i will leave a card up here too i would love to have you inside of there you are awesome you are amazing if you haven’t already.

Please do a huge favor and click on that subscribe button and don’t forget to click on the bell because that’s the way that you’re going to know every single time when a new video goes live and i put on new videos each week so i love you so much thank you for being a great part of my youtube family check in with me let me know you did this workout by.

Leaving me a comment down below so i know you didn’t skip your workout and i’ll see you next week
Tracy Campoli

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