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Hi, it’s Tracy and welcome back to my channel and don’t let the winter blues get you down let’s have a blast and do a quick little fat blast so if you’re new to my channel Hello, I’m Tracy and I put out brand new fitness, wellness and lifestyle video’s every single week so make sure that you subscribe to my channel so that you never miss out so, let’s kick it into high gear all you need for this workout is a pair of sneakers, you don’t need anything else no weights, so you are excuse-proof. You’re welcome. So let’s get started ok, so let’s get started with a little bit.

Of a warm up just bring those knees up and just do a tiny little twist here good, we’re gonna do a really quick warm up very good excellent, so now what I want you to do is kinda of kick forward and reach for your toes now, don’t worry if you’re not super flexible you can keep the knees slightly bent, that’s totally fine the point is to just got you warming up here so let’s circle those arms backwards opening up the shoulders good, and interlace the fingers and just twisting here pulling in the belly that’s it now I want you to just reach kinda of on the diagonal for your leg here.

Your foot, haha and now reach the heels forward here good, this is opening up your hips and now just start into a quick little jog here okay, so next up we’re gonna start 30 seconds punching with jumping jacks punching forward keep on breathing abs are pulled in we gotta really blast the fat here so you wanna make this count i really incorporated toning with the cardio here so I know you’re going to love it so now your hands behind your head and I want you to reach down.

Opposite sides here so your speed is your YOUR speed, so you don’t have to do this quite as quickly as i am if you want to keep it a little bit slower totally OK its up to you and if you can’t reach all the way down, you know, just start here that’s fine, ok do what you can. The point is just to keep moving a few more seconds abs are pulled in tight ok, go into butt kickers so all you’re doing is trying to kick the keel right up into your booty here good, I love these short intervals because you just can’t get bored.

As soon as you’re starting to go like ok you go right into a new workout make sure you’re breathing ok, so now we’re gonna just do a double punch with a hip raise punch punch, punch punch good, keep that hip up you got it make it count, make it work for you really work the waist working the outer thighs and hips good, so this one takes a little coordination your feet are going to go forward and backward like this ok, keep that going, now we’re going to do jumping jack arms just a little something to keep you working your coordination very good.

It’s important that we are now always doing the same exercises, you always want to mix things up so our body is always being challenged and having to work that’s how you are going to see the best results. So next, this is a little bit not complicated, but interesting so you’re going to step out like this thrust that knee up, step up, thrust so what this is doing, we’re going to be working those abs ok and really draw that knee up, keep going you got it really get a good wide step back now by now you should be feeling that also getting a great stretch on this standing leg in your thigh.

High knees get those knees up see how high I am trying to get my knees up That’s why I am keeping my hands here good, make it count with a short workout like this you need it to be a blast so I don’t mean just fun…hahaha I mean that you’re actually burning the calories burning the fat or really getting the work in good, get those knees up a few more seconds come on, ok so let’s do that on the other side stepping out and thrust that knee step out thrust good, really reach.

Reach those arms long that standing leg is straight good, keep on going you’ve got it you are Transforming your body and if you want full-length workouts, boop boop you wanna click somewhere up here around there and JOIN Total Body Transformation Woohoo You did amazing I hope that you definitely felt that you were working because I know I definitely felt that I was so make sure if you like it to give it a big thumbs up make sure to subscribe to my channel and don’t miss me next week because I’ll be right back here.

Alright, I’ll see you nex time, Bye
Tracy Campoli

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