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5 minute Bye Bye BAT WINGS | Fix Flabby Arms Now


If you struggle with flabby arms and bat wings this is the workout for you hello gorgeous girl welcome back to my channel and today we are targeting the bat wing the bat wing is the tricep the part of our arm especially as we get older that sometimes can be a little bit harder to tone up but not.

With me so for this workout what you’ll want to do is grab a little fitness loop i will leave my favorite brand of fitness loops linked down in the description box below i love using fitness loops because they add so much extra resistance so much extra challenge but they’re really lightweight and easy for you to use and.

Travel with them so if you’ve got summertime plans this is a girl’s best friend it’s not going to add any weight to your suitcase and you’ll get a really great toning workouts so let’s get started with the workout and make sure to come back because i’ve got some extra tips right after this workout let’s go into some triceps now we know them we.

Love them so you’re going to keep this here you’re going to straighten out so we start with the palms facing down both elbows are bent now just press it out try to keep that palm down you’re going to feel the entire back of your arm not just your tricep but also on the back of your.

Shoulder and five six that’s it seven good stay here a little pulse three oh mamma mia good other side here we go press it good two perfect.

Three stay with me here four good and five and six ha seven stay here little pulse three abs tight good and press two perfect.

Keep going here ah six seven good pulse it in and pulse three five six seven on the first side again just pressing out and two we did two sets of pulses but we didn’t do two sets of these and four stay with me here and five beautiful.

Six good and excellent okay good bring the band down here i want you to just bring the hands inside of it okay so my palms are in and i’m gonna pull it back here pull it back again using those obliques and four good stay with it here five your pelvis does not move a centimeter.

Seven stay your pulsate two four good squeeze it excellent other side and we pull it good and pull and three that’s it four are you feeling hot uh-huh you should be six and seven.

Good stay here pulse into it two three five seven okay good now for some fun take the band and you’re gonna put it behind your back like this your hands are inside of it here okay so i’ll just angle myself just a little bit you’re going to bend press in press i’m keeping a little bit of a.

Constant press out to the sides of the band so it’s not like a loose noodle here good stay here pulse it up two this is so good for opening up the chest too abs are in press out into the van i know you’re gonna hate me for this oh my arm’s on.

Fire ah yeah i bend it in press it out bend it in press it out that’s it come on good five oh mamma mia six seven good stay here pulse it up pulse it up ah three five.

Seven press it out out two four five six and good excellent guys all right so take it in the front again here i want you to rotate it so one palm is down one palm is up and bicep curl and two that’s it three four good stay with it here five keep.

That elbow nice and high and seven and eight good stay here press up two three this arm doesn’t move seven and good switch it so the other side so one palm is up one palm is down curl and curl that’s it three.

And four takes a lot of control to do this correctly with good form and that’s what we want right and seven and good stay here press it up to 90 degrees five seven good bring the band up over your head press into it press out the palms.

Are facing away from you and four good stay here five uh-huh six seven now stay here do elbow forward that bra bulge movement three uh-huh four really focus on the serratus those muscles around the tank top uh-huh seven.

And good other side bring that elbow forward it’s the angle here that counts four good stay with it here and six seven and excellent i told you that was going to be challenging right but i hope that you also found that those exercises were really fun too and.

That’s really one of the most foundational pillars so that you get the results that you want when it comes to getting fit is that you’re actually enjoying the process that you’re having fun and that you’re really mixing up those workouts so you’re not doing the same thing every day that’s what keeps our body guessing and that ultimately is.

What produces results and that’s what we all want right so if you want to keep going with your workout you’ll want to check out this workout it’s a five minute arm workout over 40. make this you know a 10 minute workout just keep going and for those of you that are really serious about transforming your arms you’ll want to.

Check out my arm focus program amazing arms in just seven days the best part about this program is you need just 15 minutes a day and really in order to get the best results from your workouts and to even spot tone or target tone your arms what you want is a really well-designed fitness program that includes both cardiovascular exercises.

So you’re sweating you’re burning fat alongside the strengthening and toning exercises like you just did here so definitely check out amazing arms in seven days i know that you’ll absolutely love it it is one of our most popular programs and i think that you’ll love it too so i will see you over there you are awesome you are amazing and i’ll see you.

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Tracy Campoli

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