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5 Minute Belly Fat Workout | Over 40


If you’re ready to create a flatter belly this is the workout for you hello gorgeous girl welcome back to my channel and today i’ve got an amazing five minute ab and mat work sequence that is going to strengthen you it is going to challenge you and you’re going to be working all those right muscles to make you feel more fit more strong and.

More feminine than before so let’s grab a mat and get started rotate the legs externally so your heels are angled towards each other okay those legs are still long why am i doing it this way it just makes it so much easier for you to keep your pelvis in neutral and therefore create a more drawn in abdominal area okay so we’re gonna.

Inhale here lift it up and down and that’s it three and four you hear my voice shaking that’s because i’m going to my edge and six and you should be two seven good eight two more good.

Let’s do it again second set good and four breathe this is five good six beautiful seven that’s it and eight stay with me now.

Nine stay up we’re gonna pulse it and two good breathe and five seven eight nine do it again one more set up two good that’s it beautiful.

Seven eight nine and good i don’t know about you but man am i feeling good this is the kind of workout that just feels good it’s hard i’m not saying it’s not hard but it feels good all right so get into your tabletop position here okay this is not a tabletop it’s very comfortable but.

That’s not what we want we want 90 degrees so just being in this position you’ve got to work to draw on those abdominals and without tucking your butt under try to keep your low back pressing into the floor drop one heel and then the other heel you got it and we drop and we drop that’s it keep going here.

Drop it and drop keep pulling in the belly here squeeze in the abdominals and squeeze good two more good and excellent now turn out so you’re like in a little diamond position same exact thing here diamond down and up and down and up keep everything pulled in here.

And squeeze you got it and five beautiful good and six mm-hmm that’s seven good we’re almost there any keep going here nine and excellent now stay in this little froggy position i want you to bring it in now.

Press it out okay how low your legs are it depends on you and your strength level what feels good for you today in and by good i mean challenging you know but doable and in now here we have an opportunity squeeze those inner thighs wrap those muscles around your thighs like a dancer in.

Exhale squeeze feel that abs are working legs are working inhale and exhale squeeze good just do two more hair in exhale squeeze very good last one here in and exhale okay good bring the leg that’s farther away from me in towards your chest the other leg is going to.

Extend out i want you to hold on with your hands onto your leg here curl the chin up toward your throat just do pulse pulse switch pulse pulse switch that’s it pull pull and pull pull really feel the belly go in and deeper in in and deeper in no cheating in and deeper in like peanut.

Butter on your spine try to keep those elbows high and good good two more sets that’s it exhale as you pull that knee in last set and good hands behind your head you’re gonna twist nice and slow switch and.

Twist that’s a smile twist and we twist beautiful keep on going here twist her and you twist you’ve got a twist perfect and twist two more like this and good stay on that first side and pulse into it two.

Three good four breathe i know it’s burning it’s burning me two seven eight nine switch and pulse into two three that’s a hand four six breathe here’s seven eight nine all right we’re taking it to the.

Edge bring those legs up feel the hamstring stretching okay try to feel that opening up even if you need to bend your knees this is so great for your lymph system okay to either have your legs up like this it just gets the blood going in the opposite direction it’s so so good for you try to do a couple little ankle circles.

Here that’s good you’re gonna hear mine cracking and then reverse okay very good all right so let’s curl bring your chin to your throat the leg farthest away from you’re gonna put your hands on the back of that leg extend the other leg out really feel it long here pull pull switch.

Pull pull switch pull pull good try to keep both legs extended i have one leg that gets a little lazy that wants to bend at the knee don’t let that happen okay pull pull that’s it pull pull good two more good last one good hands behind the head twist to it.

Twist twist switch twist twist that’s it twist those obliques are working today we’re doing it together and twist you’ve gotta twist good two more sets here.

Perfect last one come on finish it up nice and strong and good again keep those legs up in the air i don’t care if you need to bend your knees here you’re still getting the benefits try to extend work on your flexibility flexibility is so important here good you did amazing and wasn’t that so fun.

So that was a little five minute snippet of a full length workout that you’ll find inside my fitness membership and community total body transformation total body transformation if you haven’t heard me talking about it by now it truly is the best fitness community on planet earth it’s women just like you and me that are really committed to.

Looking and feeling their best without any of that mean girl attitude or any competitiveness and truly get results at any age and any stage so if you want to check out the details about total body transformation please do we’d love to welcome you into our community and celebrate your success next the link is down here below and i’ll also leave it.

Up here we’d love to welcome you but before you go i want to see you over here for this hormone balancing low impact workout keep this party going and i will see you over there
Tracy Campoli

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