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5 Minute Arms with Weights & Standing Abs


Oh i know you are going to love this hello gorgeous girl oh i’ve got something so great for you today because i know that you love arm workouts and i know that you love standing ab workouts and that’s exactly what this workout is so this is a workout that i pulled directly from my fitness membership and community and we want you in it.

Total body transformation it really is the best fitness membership community and that exists for this workout i did use three pound weights if you’ve got three pound two pound weights go ahead and grab them you can certainly do this workout without using any weights at all you could use water bottles and in fact someone recently told me that you could.

Use those like oblong chip containers and fill them with sand but you know you got to use what you got don’t skip this workout and make sure to see me on the other side so let’s pick up our weights i’m using three pounds today you can use whatever you’d like start with your palms facing in towards you your knees are slightly bent you’re going to start.

Here then rotate so that the palms face up to these outwards so the palms go in and then out and in and out now we’re going to add some hips here to make it more feminine and in and good now you know if you’re like i’m not doing those hips don’t do them okay do what feels best for you.

That’s it keep going this is five good seven perfect two more here excellent let’s do a second set like that it’s in and up and in and up and in and in whoo i’m gonna feel this and up that’s it.

Good keep going and excellent two more last one okay good now stay here palm stay facing towards you in and out that’s it and in and up that’s it good now add those hips good smiling good another set here.

Keep going that’s it shoulders on your back two more excellent good now bring your palms that are facing away from you we come in so palms face up and out and in and out now you’ve got to add your little pizzazz here.

Good i know it might seem kind of like why are you making me do these hips but just to give you some extra core work okay and excellent good keep going another set in and in three good keep going.

Five i’m sweating already how about you and excellent two more here perfect good so now here you’re going to have it so the pinkies are up and there so it’s in and up in and up add your pizzazz we should have called this pizzazz right excellent shoulders down your back good another set here in.

And two that’s it breathing three beautiful keep going yes six two more last one okay good put both of the weights give yourself a quick little rest here both the weights in one hand if you want to if that feels too intense.

It’s okay to just do a one weight or no weight start here okay arms are up you’re gonna chop the wood chop see how i’m moving my hips to three good four really squeezing the obliques here five and six good.

Seven squeeze controlled movements eight that’s it excellent we’re gonna do another set of ten here same side beautiful two i call this the chap wood dance three and four i really did my notes five and six.

Stay with me here seven are you controlling it shoulders down your back good nine and excellent okay good circle those are up so important when we’re doing arm work that we’re not scrunching up drop those shoulders down your back i’d rather you do it with better form with.

No weights than doing it with heavy weights it’s really key okay so here we are here up squeeze it and squeeze that’s it three good and four stay with me here five beautiful six.

Seven and eight mm-hmm let’s do another set here squeeze and squeeze good three mamma mia right four i see you stay strong.

That’s it seven you’re fit you’re feminine and eight two more here nine and got all right circle those shoulders back oh yes so we’re going to go into some little prayer pulses here okay so you try to get the elbows close together as you can it might be hard with the heads of the weights do your best here.

You’re gonna pulse up up two three four five six seven eight now open two three good four excellent five six seven do it again pulse up and two three five six seven open open two three good.

Four six i know burns burning me too we’re gonna do two more sets like this pulse it whoo wasn’t that so fun and i love doing movements like that because it really sculpts that fit and really feminine look and i want to really talk to you a little bit about that feminine.

Look that is the look that i aspire to create for myself and for the members in total body transformation and for you too it’s really that kind of sculpted more dancer style like what does feminine look like it can look like anything i realize that but it’s that more sort of like a dancer slim and strong look so.

That is the look that you want you are in the right place now before you go any further i want you to check out total body transformation if you haven’t already it is linked down below in the description box and we’d love to have you as one of our members of our transformer team and if you want to keep this party going make sure to check out.

This workout next it’s a great way for you to keep going and to get some more deep more pilates based ab work so you can get that really flat and strong tummy that i know that you want so that’s what i’ve got for you today you are awesome you are amazing if you haven’t already i would really really appreciate it if you would subscribe.

And make sure to click on that bell so that you always know whenever i’ve got a brand new video that goes live i love love interacting with you leave me a comment down below i really do my best to try to respond to every single person and i will see you next week.
Tracy Campoli

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