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5 Minute Arm Challenge NO equipment


If you’re really busy and you want a really quick arm burn but you don’t want to grab any equipment this is for you hello gorgeous girl welcome back to my channel and today I’ve got a really special treat for you because I know one thing about you and that is you love arm workouts so this is a little sneak peek.

That I pulled from my fitness membership and Community total body transformation I talk about it all the time because I am hashtag obsessed with it I love the community of women so much and I know that you will too so click on the link Down Below in this description you don’t need anything for this workout I’m outside is like 9 million a degrees here.

In Miami but you know what it’s beautiful and I love being outside so let’s get a little sweat on let’s do some weightless arms and I’ll see you on the other side so you’re going to start off with a single bicep curls in front and two to the side single and out to the side so mind bouncing here with my knees it’s really just Rhythm uh so you.

Can do whatever feels best for you and really squeeze those biceps so you’re working with your body’s own resistance now I’m doing it at shoulder height single and double out and sing single and double up that’s it good you gotta keep on going here keep those abs pulled in.

Now we’re reaching two up eight times now down across this is also going to work those obliques we love that reach it up good really reach and stretch and press it down and across that’s it really sculpting and that way so now we’re gonna go out to the side so it’s out double up and single and double up.

Really use that resistance it was very easy while I was doing this because it’s like thinking of pushing through thick air so press it up up and press it and up up that’s it now reach up two three four that’s it really stretching through the side body here very good now Circle the arm too three stop at the top and reverse it two three very good and.

Circle other side that’s it keep those shoulders really warming up reversing perfect and excellent and now Reaching Forward squeeze two times forward and squeeze squeeze forward really activating those back muscles you really feel this this is what really slopes that dancer like upper body that I know we all want right.

Good squeeze squeeze and now keep that squeeze going this is also a great dance move take it to the club work work work work work that back and get forward and back that’s it reach forward press it back really feel those triceps squeezing as you press the arm back forward and press this is great for shoulder Mobility too if you tend to get tight in.

The front of your chest I’m saving a lot of time at the computer this is a great exercise for you good that’s it’s kind of like a take on chest expansion and pilates of my sort of modern take on it now arms up and go B to W up double w up one two three that’s it v w v boom boom boom and up and hips that’s it one two three four.

Good up other side and the transition there is kind of hard I know so you go out and squeeze it and that four little hips that’s at one and two that’s it and one hip hip good and squeeze and up and squeeze and squeeze and squeeze that’s it now up and out and up and not pass it reach it up reach it up that’s it and up reach it up keep going.

in and out and down down down down we go in we reach out and we press down really press through your body’s own resistance here keep those abs pulled in that’s it you’ve got it in and out press it down down down keep going and out and good it’s in out up and down in and out and up and down and in and out and up and.

Down good you’re doing so great I know your arms are probably starting to be on fire not just pulse it and pulse our thumbs are down our palms are pressing back smiling really helps I know can be really challenging good breathe my arms are on fire here too I’m with you good so now we’re gonna go.

Squeeze it tricep extension Bend and forward elbows back extend in and four that’s it squeeze it extend it really squeeze those triceps that’s it you’re really going to feel the back working here as well now pick it up Boop boom boom one two three four that’s it really feel the Integrity in the movement here quality is so much more.

Important than quantity here okay and my little knee bends again that’s just Rhythm now pulse it up Pulse pinkies up pinkies up squeeze squeeze no more jingly jangly arms I promise you you’re gonna feel this ease it in squeeze it in squeeze it in really resist it’s like you’ve got a rubber ball.

that hurts so good now pulse it up again too I’m with you squeeze it in squeeze it in squeeze it in squeeze it in perfect you did it and it was fun right I like to incorporate some of those like Dancy.

Style moves inside of these workouts and that’s why they just make them so much fun because if it’s not fun and it doesn’t produce results then why do it so if you want more I want to invite you into my signature program Amazing arms in just seven days one thing that I’m known as here on YouTube is the arm Queen so if you want to get amazing arms.

And you want to get them really quickly you want amazing arms in seven days I will leave that link down below and up here in the cards is an incredible incredible program and it produces awesome results that I can’t wait to celebrate for you next if you want to keep going make sure to check out this video next and we can sweat and smile.

Over there see you there foreign
Tracy Campoli

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