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5 Minute Arm and Balance Challenge


Everybody wants to have sexy and sculpted arms and to have that strong core so that you look slimmer and you protect your back and you’re stronger so let’s do this hello gorgeous girl welcome back to my channel and today we’ve got a real treat for you this is a little snippet from a full-length workout that you’ll find.

Inside my fitness membership and Community total body transformation so this little section that I’m giving you is a section inside of a rebounder workout so it’s from a full 30 minute workout I’m gonna really really challenge your arms and if you’ve got a rebounder you’re balanced too because the nature of a rebounder it’s unstable.

So by standing on that rebounder you really have to engage the core muscles so that your arm workout isn’t just an arm workout but you’re really engaging and working those deep core muscles as well now if you don’t have a rebounder don’t skip this workout you absolutely can do this and still challenge your balance by maybe doing this on bare feet.

Or adding sort of like a squishier surface like sometimes people use little pads or something like that which just by the nature of it being slightly unstable you have to work a little bit harder sand is a great example of this you’re standing on Sand you know you have your body has to work those deeper core muscles if you’re going to lift up.

Onto one foot so do whatever you can to just challenge your balance a little bit so you get those core muscles working while you’re sculpting and strengthening your arms so let’s get started so you’re gonna do fly arms single knee lift again remember anytime we lift up that knee what’s happening here yes those deep core.

Muscles are working all right keep the shoulders down your back we’re working your back muscles as well here and really really improving and increasing your balance which is the key to longevity which is what we’re all about here inside TBT very good.

Give it your neck a little bit of a Shimmy Shake and then we’re going into the other side here soft knees fly and then lift up now I know you’re doing almost about two minutes of this so you’re definitely gonna start feeling this it’s really important that you keep the neck easy here that you’re really focusing on the.

Arms the shoulders the back the core and keeping it out of the neck muscles and the upper trapezius as much as possible it’s it’s killing me too so stay with me here we can do this this is how we transform this is how we get stronger I’m.

Grimacing here along with you you can go a little slower if you need to that’s absolutely fine good roll out your neck just a little bit okay so now we’re gonna do sort of figure eights with the weights the good news is the feet get to stay down on your rebounder on the floor and you’re.

Just drawing little eights with the arms so it’s kind of internally rotated externally rotated I love this because it really works and challenges your arm in such a unique way this is moving like a dancer right so what I want you to be aware of is that you’re not letting those shoulders creep up by your ears as you’re doing this notice how I’m keeping.

My shoulders down the back all right so it’s really about the actual shoulder not the trapezius working here you’re getting your biceps getting the shoulders uh and it’s just really a great challenge for your your arms laughs good excellent excellent work this is my.

Favorite all right so you’re gonna squat and add a side leg extension here while doing a tricep extension to the back so there’s so many moving Parts here this is a great great compound movement so going to that tricep extension here really lift and squeeze so you’re working your outer thigh you’re also getting balance work here that that.

Shift in the weight and I love using a rebounder for something like this so great if you don’t have a rebounder and you’re just doing it on the floor no big deal you just are squatting and just doing a side leg lift you just won’t have that extra Challenge on the balance that you’ll have when you have a.

Rebounder all right you know what’s going to happen next right we got to go right over to the other side start off Squat and then lift it up and squat it and lift it that’s it squat it and really get that good lift Happening Here side leg lift make sure those arms are really.

Pressing back so you are challenging those triceps really engaging them foreign I am I you wasn’t that so fun and I just love really just finding new ways to challenge my body and that’s one of the.

Reasons why the ladies inside of our Transformer team stay with us because we’re constantly dreaming up of new ways to really challenge your body so that your body doesn’t Plateau so that you get the results that you want so much quicker so if you haven’t already checked out TBT what are you waiting for the link is down here below and I want.

To invite you into my brand new free master class especially for you ladies over 40 fit and fabulous over 40. I’ll leave it here in the cards here it’s completely free it’s one hour and it is jam-packed to help you really look and feel your absolute best in your 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s and Beyond so I will see you there we just added new times and see.

You next week bye bye
Tracy Campoli

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