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Hi, I’m Tracy and welcome back to my Channel today I have something so great for you it’s a gift for you because guess what tomorrow’s my birthday! YAY, I’m so excited so I just want to actually give you something to just show you how grateful I am for being part of my youtube family I absolutely love you and I really really thank you and if you’re new to my.

Channel I’m Tracy and I put out new videos every single week so make sure that you subscribe to my channel so that you never miss a video so today I’m giving you a full thirty-minute workout that is part of my program total body transformation which if you’re not already a transformer you should totally become one you can click up here here.

Wherever that is and become a transformer you will get access to for 16 hours of my best work out we have a live monthly coaching call we have incredible community and so much more so you definitely want to be a part of that just click on that link wherever it is here or here and let’s get going with this workout this is New York City Hustle.

And Flow which is one of the transformer favorite workout and I think that you’re gonna love it too so let’s go and thanks for being such an awesome part of my community and Happy Birthday to all of us hello transformers so here we have n.y.c hustle and flow so this is going to be a 20-minute hit that’s killer.

That’s going to have you dodging through the streets of New York City and then we’re going to have 10 minutes of NYC flow so enjoy the NYC Hustle and Flow alright so let’s get going now I’ve got my interval timer I’ve got it set for ten cycles at 50 seconds with a 10 second break in between the break we can either shuffle side to side or run in place.

Whatever you prefer alright let’s get go that what for the cab we do this a lot so get you run on here pull in your abdominals good we are busy bees here and so are you gotta make it count get those feet going if your not warmed up you can use this in the warm-up i’m.

Totally warm so I’m going really fast as fast as i can here good keep going that’s it you got it hate when I can’t see the timer put in the wrong place that’s ok run for that cab so here’s a little NYC tip four o’clock all the cabs change so there’s a really hard time to get a cab at that hour that’s when you want to use uber but in the meantime run in.

Place to all right get so next up sky scraper so what we’re going to do is a second position plie and the side leg extension you ready so sky scraper arms go straight up now again if you wanted to use weights here totally fine i’m just not today the height of your leg and that’s.

Completely up to you it doesn’t have to be new york city ballet height it has to be the height that you can get ok big deep plié in between that’s it good pulling those abdominals really get that leg up to your best stretch here you’re working everything right you’re working your abs you’re working your.

Arms you’re working your core because we were doing a little bit of balance here getting that heart rate up because his arms are going up above your head good that’s it we’ve got this good okay back into your little running place shuffle next next up eastside westside lunge so you’re going to be switching side to side so reaching out.

Out eastside westside actually that’s eastside westside good, keep going really press out here good excellent nice and easy yeah make it count make sure you’re using this form but really push it this is a hit right so you want to feel that heart rate going up you want to be torching calories you want to.

Work right having fun got more seconds come on keep your energy up all right back into your little run in place okay next up my favorite it’s called the City shuffle you’re going to do to little shuffles to the side stop with the knee up stop stop stop.

Stop ya really drive that knee up to getting the bit of a your abs working deep core work right good look abs in knee up this is like dodging the people you know it’s really crowded here there’s always people sort of in your way so learning to walk like a city girl is an art in and of itself feel my legs.

Already are you good all right get back into a little run in place next up Fashion Week waist so what we’re going to do a little squat with the twist for your obliques ok so here we go squat down twist backwards squat twist ok called fashion week because guess what you got to make sure that booty.

Looks good and also that your waist is tight and toned ready for your cover shoot right good keep going and twist really feel those obliques pulling up in that’s it squeezing and squeeze okay yes you gotta make a county we’ve got these short workouts right otherwise no bueno ok and squeeze you should be grimacing.

And we doing this right you should be tightening up that but tightening up your waist right get back into your little shuffle running place next up tribeca jack’s so it tricep jacks here but we’re taking it down town to try back alright so strong arms hear you’re having the back of the palms facing me here and you’re pressing out.

Good let’s pick up the pace a new york minute come on make it work make it work keep breathing abs are in tight okay guys step back into your home run in place i was ready for the next next up uptown squat so little squat going into an arabesque ok with arms going up so squat down arabesque squat arms up leg up down lift.

It and up really get it uptown baby uptown pulling your belly squeeze and reach and squeeze it that’s it come on good you got it lift it and lift you should really feel that booty working here with that leg lifts big-time right good come on we got it got to take it all the way up to get that leg up should feel.

The back of your waist working to you more three city girls with strong right you got this right next up downtown squat so we’re going to go into a plié in second position with a front kick I we kick it kick try to keep your turnout notice the angles of my legs I’m keeping them turned out kick really yeah give it up kick it.

And up good make it count come on up drive that leg up make sure you go all the way downtown good you got it work those legs that’s how we feel strong feel sexy you feel confidence you feel like NYC baby keep going to get back into a little running place.

Next up Chrysler Building crunch so we’re going to do to side crunches with the forward crunch watch my hips side to side forward for side side forward forward I call this Chrysler Building crunch because the Chrysler Building to me the most feminine building in all of Manhattan is so beautiful so art deco.

Gorgeous right and forward good you don’t think you’re sweating until you actually stop right here like whoa and forward good really pulling your abs squeeze it squeeze use the belly use the legs use it all for a few more that’s it oh my goodness sweat alright get so last one here Madison Avenue move so what you’re going to do.

Is for little hops and then to jumping jacks down up down up top how you got it just think of rhythm okay i don’t get all in your head about what you’re doing 1234 together open together open good that’s it you got to get those hips up good this fun i love this one I made it I made it up for you gonna keep going.

Madison Avenue move this actually is madison avenue right having FYI little trivia good huh good you got it keep that energy up don’t get slow on me we don’t have time for that in the city into a little run in place here keep that energy up come on 10 more seconds we’ve got this and.

Awesome optum work take a quick little water break we’ll be right back in New York City minute yeah I’m you wonder woman fan so I really appreciate sisterhood and women being kind to each other by home and I because she’ll be on mobile phone or she’ll be on my computer now see those results so like I feel it in my pants, I feel.

It in my skirt my hip area so my arms are getting smaller my waist is getting smaller my thighs oh my oh my booty it’s it’s firmer it’s like lifted and my husband noticed other people but my husband and it’s the right to see a thinner fit more feminine body i would say that somebody who’s on the fence just do it your worth it stop hesitating.

Because we always make excuses for things we want in life 45 now and I’m really excited about transforming my body for the first time I feel like staying committed because i’m seeing result alright so let’s get going it so start off with your we’re running for the cab let’s go let’s do this.

You’re warm let’s get those knees up a little bit more really make it count your money for that cab Go Go reading about 10 more seconds we can do this come on alright get a little shuffle side to side side scraper next okay that was that plie with that leg lifts you got it of course you ready with you and lift it.

Up a second-round you should be feeling those muscles and i’m lifting that leg with control it’s not so much a kick it’s really a controlled lift I don’t care if your lift is that high ok honest it’s ok you got to do what you can with time you will get stronger I promise you that good keep that deep plie going guys scraper.

Really reach for the sky reach up you got that ok back into your little run in place for your shuffle next up eastside westsidethat little kind of lunge shift here we got that pulling your abs really feel that strength ok.

And if you know this hop in between wasn’t working for you you could just step it up get low impact okay there’s always a way to modify always gotta just be resourceful you can do it i’m here to help yeah ok good, gett back into a little run in place, next one City shuffle two little shuffles drive that knee up.

Alright keep breathing have this an active rest Shuffle shuffle yeah really driving that’s it you got it lift the knee and squeeze the waist good job we got it i’m going to feel fun that dynamic really like throws back into your life running place the next exercise you remember the Fashion Week.

Waste ok so that’s a little squad with that who looking at behind you whittling that waist cinching it making smaller and smaller hardly anyone talks like that New York because truthfully it was even from New York anymore now I’ve lived here for 20 years a lot of people that moved here you know.

Obviously always was the case but as the city gets nicer and nicer there’s just more and more people from all over the world coming to live here very rare to find someone born and raised here good keep going really squeeze your glutes got right back into your run in place so next one up tribeca jacks alright so those are.

Those little tricep Jack low arms this is our round two come on let’s make this count here at strong city girl let’s do it keep going pick up that pace even a little bit more if it’s possible you can’t don’t worry do the best you can you always want to challenge yourself.

Keep breathing here like these are one of my faves ok go back into a little run place our next up uptown squat so that squat with that aerobesque get it uptown so make sure you really lift that leg okay here we got squat lift it squeeze your booty pull in your belly everything get those arms lifting up.

Above your head so level change right really important i really like this one I like it because you can really feel it sculpting your waist and your butt your your rear-view right? keep going that’s it squeeze it squeeze keep on going up lift come on man all right back into your own place next one he know we go from uptown.

We go downtown so if that second position plie with the forward kick downtown squat here we go down kick good kick it up really keep that away from you good down and down good you got it keep that energy up don’t move it now the city never sleeps and neither should you.

Actually it’s not sure you should sleep is really important but now keep going oh yes good come leg up ok you more seconds we got this all right back into a little run place okay two more Chrysler Building crunch hip-hip crunch crunch I got this area hip-hip crunch it crunch it hip hip.

Current squeeze that you feel you’re sliding up you should then have to have crunch and again crunch really move your body good keep going that’s good a few more like this crunch it crunch it you don’t wanna hear me sing who’s not supposed to be on Broadway this girl ahead and go to our school and awesome okay so next up last move here.

In the hip portion so we’re going to do that Madison Avenue move hip hip Jack Jack okay yeah 1234 open open I said that wrong but you know me down open down open good down open so it’s better to sing it you get in your head you’ll probably get confused and open hip.

Hey good that’s it 234 let back talk to you good at it hip it good again going you got it ok couple more seconds okay guys going to run in place and you made it through city girl that’s the hustle part Hi I’m Anna from miami florida.

The results were so fast i have been working up for 40-50 years and never in my life have I gotten such quick results no tread factor you know it’s working it worked and I said you know yeah I mean yeah I’m in press buttons press buttons the other thing that I really have noticed like a lot has been my core you.

Know after hit 45 i started like the pudge started like getting real big and the Tracy Campoli is bringing it back in I am not a person who likes to commit but I thought to myself you know i have been doing every video she has sort of been like three months and I’m like what am I even waiting for this is ridiculous and when i joined and I saw all those.

Goodies I was like yes what was I waiting for i mean it’s it’s nothing it’s to starbucks that you don’t have a month what difference does it make it’ll make a difference for you if you do joint I’ll tell you that let’s bring our arms up above your head and release it down and up reaching up.

And down make this feel good here and one more and up grab onto one wrists reach up and stretch over the side opening up space in between your ribs let that go Circle your shoulders back and let’s bring those arms up reach up and over to the other side and circling the shoulders back.

Good and now adding a little bit of elbow here really try to flow into this movement and now will add the arms excellent interlace your fingers behind your head open up look up to the ceiling squeeze your elbows together do that again look up to the ceiling and then squeeeeeeze good so now we’re going to.

Just take one leg in front of you the other leg behind in sort of a big V position here and I wanted to go into lunge here check out the position of your knee and your heel you don’t want that me going over the toes you want to keep a 90-degree angle here feel that stretch in the hip flexor and then straighten up that front leg and do.

That again reaching down good and then straightening up that front leg and again and down and straightening up good one more time and good and straight up again you go as far down as you can so you know make it work for you other leg is behind you ok front leg is nice and long and straight hair harms come up pulling in the belly here going.

Down into your lunge when i’m here because i’m pretty flexible i often have to wiggle my foot forward a little bit you might have to do the same so you know that just depends on you and then straighten that front leg and again and down and then straight up two more like that down good stretch in the hip flexor and back up and one more time and down.

And straight up okay good standing here you want to take your leg into figure-four position if you need to grab a little chair something that’s ok sit into this and just feel that stretch into the glutes hmm just breathe pulling in your belly feeling that.

Stretch good and then come back up let’s do that on the other side good exercises balance to see he can do about holding on to anything but if you need to it’s completely ok feel that good stretch and now you’re going to just slowly with ease let your hips go out to the side here believe it or not this is a dynamic.

Stretch for the outer part of your hips here ok good and now I just want you really easy to just do a little circle relaxing your neck your shoulders just really circling the tips around good taking it back into you into your core you know the city is so crazy there’s so much energy out there reverse that it’s.

Always important to bring it back into you this is a great move to kind of recenter yourself good you might feel we are doing this is not a contest you do the best you can okay good excellent now I want you to just really easy bring those heels up so you feeling a little stretch here hmm good.

Gonna keep going and bringing it to the knee and add a little twist here great great movement for your back here got interlacing the fingers really easy good excellent now just bring your ribs around again getting that core getting back into your Center and now let’s reverse that and little circle you got it mhm and exhale bring those.

Arms up over your head and bring it down and again and up and down and bring your hands into your heart you’re closing your eyes and we’re going to end with a quick bit of visualization breathe and honor all of the work that you just did being grateful for your body being grateful for your life for your health.

And in this place I want you to visualize you at your very best your future vision knowing that this is not you from the past this is you moving forward it is who you are choosing to live forward into the vision that you are creating for yourself releasing any tension any objections anything that is not serving you and.

Saying yes yes to your future vision yes to who you are meant to be now I want you just take a few moments here and breathe and go into your flow feeling the flow of energy through your body honoring the work that you just did honoring who you are and honoring who you are becoming.

Allow it to be easy and allow it to feel good and together take a nice deep breath in through your nose hold your breath and slowly release it again deep breath in hold your breath and slowly release it two more times inhale deep breath in holding the breath.

And slowly release last time make it count inhale hold your breath and let it go your arms release slowly opening your eyes shaking out your arms shake your booty little bounce to the knee and stretch open expand and receive you how expansive you are and how expensive your.

Life is and how expensive the blessings are that you are about to receive close your eyes here know that even in a place like New York City where there’s so much hustle and so much energy you can always find your core you can always find your Center and it can be easy so that was NYC hustle and flow thank you for working out with me love.

You loads and i’ll see you next time
Tracy Campoli

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