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2023 FULL BODY PILATES CHALLENGE πŸ”₯ Fat Burn & Tone | 12 min Workout


If you, like me, have struggled with consistency in keeping that healthy routine over the last couple of months, or perhaps you haven’t achieved your 2022 goals, please do not worry. The 8 week LEAN Transformation Method launches on Monday, the 9th of January. 8 weeks to transform your body and your mind and you’re going to have fun while doing it.

Three different styles of training, fat burn, strength training, Pilates, a personalized meal plan, a nutrition section with loads of recipes. I’m talking hundreds. A habit tracker, a journal section, and so much more. And we have 50% off right now. This offer ends really soon, so please don’t miss out. We start on the 9th of January.

All the details and the link to enroll is down below and we’re giving away $5,000 worth of prizes including a $3,000 cash prize. This deal is crazy. It works out at 10 cent a day. Get involved down below and let’s transform. Okay guys, we are starting off on our knees, knees facing forwards. Tailbone tucked, arms out in front of you.

As you take your body back, one arm comes up and back to the center again. Keep your core really nice and engaged here, and you want to be going back in a straight line, okay? As far as you feel you can, using that breathing control, breath out as you go back and breath in as you come forward. Amazing work, you’re halfway already. We are going to have a hold for the last 10 seconds, so prepare yourself for that.

Five seconds left. Amazing work. Three, two. Okay, I want those arms out in front of you and you are holding, squeeze the butt. Amazing work. Three, two, and one. You’re now coming down onto your side. Slight bend in that underneath leg.

You’re down on your forearm. You’re going to take that leg forward and then arc it back. Let’s go. Amazing, keep really nice and smooth with this movement. Good, this is Pilates. We are poised, we are attempting to be like a ballerina. Really nice strong, straight legs. Amazing. Okay, hold at the front for me.

Flex that foot, toe down, heel up and pump it. If you can, take that left arm up to the sky. Good work, three, two, one. Okay, take your body down. You’re now going to drive that knee towards the chest. Don’t let it touch the floor. Take it back into extension. Pump up and lower. Okay, intermediate, your hand is on your hip.

Advanced, arm up. Beginner, your hands are down for a little bit of support, okay? Really nice strong movements. Incredible work. Keep it going. One more rep. Okay, hold it back in extension. Tiny little pump ups, nice and fast.

Squeeze that booty. (timer beeping) Amazing. From there, you are coming up into your mermaid position. One leg forward, the other leg back. You’re going to place your hands in front of you. Lift that back leg up. Push it back. Amazing.

This is so good for isolating your glutes, okay? Incredible exercise and wow, it hits into the booty. Amazing. When we’re at halfway, we’re going to change it up a little bit. Make sure that foot is flexed and you are pushing back. In three, in two, in one, drop it down, have a moment.

This time, lift, push back, forward down. Let’s go. Lift, push back, forward down. Amazing. Good. Hold it there. Now pump it up, up, up. Good work, five seconds left. Come on.

(timer beeping) Amazing. We’re going to straight onto that other side with the mermaid position. So swinging those legs around, you’re going to start off with that pushback, okay? Lift that leg. All right, let’s go, push it back. Amazing.

Come on, really nice and strong here. You can do it. At halfway, we change it up. You have five, four, three, two, and one, drop it down, up, back, forward, lower. Let’s go up, back, forward, lower. Incredible. You’re nearly there. Come on.

Amazing, coming all the way down now. That underneath leg is very slightly bent. We drive that knee into the chest. Don’t let it touch the floor. Back, lift, lower. Really strong movements here, okay? You can do it. Try and keep those hips nice and stable. Engage the core and breathe.

Four, three, two, one more rep. Okay, hold it up. Tiny little pump ups, let’s go. Really good work. (timer beeping) Okay, coming up onto that forearm now. Remember we have that swipe forward and then we arc it back, okay?.

Let’s go. Bring it forward and arc it back. If that feels too much, just take it back in a straight line. Okay, no arc necessary. It is entirely up to you. Whatever your body is capable of today, and if you need to stop, if you need to have a rest, give that booty a hit.

Breathe, then go back in. Incredible work, guys. You are coming up. No, I lied, you’re over halfway. Coming up to that final stretch now. Amazing. Okay, toe down, heel up. Pump it up, up, up. Amazing.

Come on, you’re nearly there. (timer beeping) Incredible. You’re now going to come down onto your back, because we’re going to be doing a little bit of core work and some bridges, okay? All the way down. Starting off with Pilates hundreds, double leg tabletop. Pump those arms up and down.

Now if you want to make this harder, straighten one leg out and back in again. Good, use your breathing control. Breath in for five pumps. Breath out for five arm pumps. You’re nearly there, come on. (timer beeping) Amazing, knees into your chest. Single leg stretch coming up next, okay?.

Double leg tabletop again. 90 degrees at the knees and the hips. Straighten out. We’re going to add a lift, lower in. If your neck’s sore, support it with your hands or lower it down. Good, keep your lower back flat on the mat. Keep breathing. Incredible work.

15 seconds left. Come on, keep digging deep. One more rep. Amazing, knees into your chest. We have a bridge up next with some arm movements, okay? High on those toes, I want you to peel your way up into a bridge one vertebrae at a time. Super slow and controlled.

At the top, your arms are up at 90 degrees. As you drop your hips halfway down, one arm comes up and over and back to neutral. Squeeze those glutes. Amazing. It is super slow and controlled. Amazing work. Come on, you can do it. You can do it.

(timer beeping) In one strong movement, we’re going to take ourselves now up into sitting, and back onto all fours. Amazing, I want you to tuck those toes under, and lift the knees just an inch from the mat and hold. Amazing work. Hold, hold, hold. Breathe.

You’re in a box shape, your belly button is back towards your spine. Three, two, one. Lower those knees down, we’re coming back up. This time, no lowering. Lift up. You’re going to take your left knee to your right elbow and back, then the other way. Super controlled.

Pretend you have your favorite dinner on your back, and you don’t want it to spill. 10 seconds. Amazing! (timer beeping) Incredible. You are coming up into standing for your last exercise to finish off your legs, okay? I want your legs really nice and wide for this, toes out,.

And we’re just going to come down lower into a squat. Really nice and relaxed through the upper body and just hold. In three, in two. Okay, lift the heels up and lower. Let’s go. Amazing work. Breathe, focus. And if you feel like it’s a little bit too easy,.

That means that you’re too high, come lower. Amazing. Five, four, three, two, hold on the toes. Hold, hold, hold, now pulse. 15 seconds, then we’re home. It’s actually 10 seconds now. Come on, you can do it. Whoa, try and hold.

Amazing. Three, two, one. Yes, you guys! You made it.
Lilly Sabri

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