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Nice work and welcome back to another lien with lily workout thank you so much for joining me I am so proud of all of you guys have been getting stuck into my three workouts that are completely free every single week please keep the likes coming please keep the comments coming because I read absolutely all of them like this one today so this has been.

Requested in one of the comments it is with weights today and it is a 15 minute abs burner so it’s all about sculpting into the stomach muscles flattening the stomach and targeting that lower stubborn pooch area there to be honest all of us struggle with I do as well and my abs are one of the strongest parts of my body so you are not alone so all I.

Want you to do is grab a weight if you’ve got it – preferably I’ve got 5 kgs here but if you don’t have access to way it’s particularly if you’re not at the gym no problem at all you can grab absolutely anything you can fill a large bottle of water you can grab baked beans anything like that now slightly different format to normal it is 5.

Exercises that we’re going to be doing and we’re going to do three rounds of those 5 exercises really simple I’ll be with you every step of the way as per and yeah let’s get lean together guys so no more talking grab one of your weights and we are about to get started the timer is on the first 30 seconds is going to be spent with opposite arm down.

By the side of body coming down towards the knees then using those oblique muscles to crunch back up again don’t forget about breathing control what we’re doing that’s ok right now how is you back up again and this is really working into those oblique muscles that beautiful v-shape on the side of the body.

Amazing work guys 2 and 1 changing sides for me they’re really reaching down using those obliques to power back up again only 30 seconds each side amazing really good back so remembering why we’re doing this that you’re not falling forward okay you’ve got to please a girl either side of you look you do nothing up right amazing next one you are coming.

Down onto the mat and we’re gonna go in time to sign now keep this movement is going to hip joints to keep doing and pulling your weight with your eyes it’s one minute on each exercise guys if you need to place the feet down absolutely fine just making sure that we’re really nice as low into that last position.

We’re over halfway slow it down if you have to just keep it really nice and controlled you should be feeling the ABS and the obliques the side of the body right now right amazing to come straight into scissors now no wait for this one you’re going to come down and fit you’re going to bring the legs to 90 degrees support the head and tap the foot down.

And back up again this is exercise number three of five amazing making sure that that lower back is nicely flat and that the core is called a really nice and tight incredible anyone who wants to go to a higher level dropping me everyone else stay at this level higher level straighten the legs out and lower down.

The link change we’ve only got ten seconds left – amazing they’re now gonna drop the weight take it up and over the head needs offense and you’re amazing that really good work now anyone want you to make it harder what you can do is lengthen the legs.

Across the mat keep going everyone place the weight behind the back of the head and then try to do if you can it’s hard or a bit tough from there I just say it was hard to tickly if you have a 5 kg weight use that core nearly there – ah amazing the last exercise you’re going to need both weights for this the knees are bent okay from here what we’re.

Going to do is come up into a crash punch punch back down again back down again now if you do this you’re going to rotate to place the palm down towards the floor anyone struggling to wait for a little bit heavy please don’t worry you can go breathe.

Out wait and seed up that crunch a little bit this is a full sit-up here we’ve got this amazing ten seconds left ready for round two see how straight back up again we’re going to go into those side crunches okay feet shoulder-distance apart sliding down to the knee.

Crunching back up again really working into those obliques this is one of my favorite muscle groups to train because you get really fast results with obliques if you do them like so again sliding all the way over to the side not falling forward or backwards and at the back of your body want those shoulder blades please okay well their shoulder.

Blades engage changing sides for me amazing all the way through it’s only 15 minutes really sliding down um straight back down Russian twist again rolling back to start biting point and there from there twisting the body side to side anyone who can bring those legs up try not to cross them that will give you uneven.

Obliques really good get in that zone and push all the way through incredible now you get a really nice big rotation with this you’re definitely going to hit those oblique muscles if you’re just rotating the arms not the body you’re not going to get the obliques well over our way again plant those feet down if.

You have to slow it down and you have to really good so do that punch straight now amazing straight into those scissors lie down for me supporting the head with the hand and tapping the tray down and back up again and remembering that you want that lower back flat in the mat and the core really nice and tight anyone on.

The higher level come down keep going everyone straighten the legs out hug one leg in one two amazing keep pushing you can do it if you’re at that lower level it really doesn’t matter just keep going at your own pace really nice and high in that crunches elbows wide amazing so we’re nearly there now incredible taking the 1.

Weight reaching it up and over the head again and we’re going to go with that full set up using the momentum of the arms to push up to the sky really hope that guy’s really got one left in this circuit you can do it they were growing them for round 3 you can those movements nice and fast but equally not jarring the back.

really punishing those arms up to the sky working the arms as well now please remember after this workout to drop me a comment let me know how you’re getting on you’ll notice I’ve been replying to all of you I literally love hearing from you guys and I love hearing about how much.

You’ve progressed with my workout which we makes me so happy okay grabbing both weights now bending the knees we’re coming up for those punches okay look it up and that’s down again just air punching if you’re working the arms trust me making sure you’re really protecting as your subject again get the size of the earth.

incredible keep posting boy we’re well over halfway I’m gonna go back into the wait really work my arms today both so drop me a comment what is your favorite body part to train up into standing okay going straight in I’m sorry guys I just have to quickly change the battery in the.

Camera shock Lily febri without a battery if Alex was to hear that my boyfriend was in she’s like you’re always out of battery and that person walks around with like two percent on their phone are you the same make me feel better this Jupiter you’ve got three seconds left on this side.

What amazing straight change 30 seconds really working those obliques on the side of the body making sure you’re really reaching down while you’re doing this exercise otherwise you’re not going to feel the benefits of it nearly there now amazing Oh perfect straight into the.

Russian twist okay planting the feet we’re gonna roll back as far as we can and then from there rotating side to side again key points to this with following from hip joint to hip joints with the entire upper body including the head making sure we’re really hitting into the side of that waist coming a little bit lower if you can and if.

Anyone can I want you to lift those legs up as well but all my beginners keep the legs down and concentrate on form amazing with any day just 10 seconds left then you’ve only got three exercises that really rotating around now and a time weight down we’re going into scissors for this one okay one minute.

Now this is our last round of scissors so go higher level if you can this is the slightly lower level that I’m showing you here higher level was when you straighten the legs out and pull in twice you can do it all the way through amazing should really be feeling that lower core that Lois double boot carrier is toning as we.

Speak keep pushing all the way through a minute don’t give up you can do it I know it burns trust me but keep pushing your 15 minutes is nearly complete I learn amazing remember those reach ups now anyway toes behind the back of the head rolling up punching up to the sky.

And back down again again the way that you come down is still important to hit both ups and prevent back pain really nice and slow and controlled with this anyone wanting to go that higher levels straighten the legs out wait behind the back of the head crunch up from there this is hard.

Amazing it feels great though when you achieve that it really does keep going guys really ran out just ten seconds left three two one amazing we’re gonna change up the love exercise 200 you’re gonna bend both knees up and feed the weight in between the knees from that 90.

Degrees at the knees and the hips you’re gonna pump the arms up and down okay breathing control breath in for five breath out for five one minute and then we’re done with this basket keeping that I gave it between the thighs three you can do it with so nearly there keep going I’m just gonna check the timer keep pushing for me oh okay 20 seconds.

Left can anyone on this 20 seconds straighten the legs down let’s go amazing come on all the way through should be feeling a little bit of a shake post rates five seconds three two one you made it reach their thumbs up and.

Over the head make some really nice deep breath in allowing that ribcage to completely flare going out through them now wow that felt great I don’t know about you absolutely love that that was a burner and a half but it really worked well so again that just proves to you what you can achieve in 15 minutes that’s another workout complete I will.

Have a brand new workout coming with you in a couple of days I’m about to do a total body fat burner now so I will pop it here or at the end of this video for those of you guys who want to try it and do exactly the same workout as I have today and and if any of you aren’t already following me on Instagram make sure you check me out here is my handle.

Right here because I run polls on my Instagram which is basically to vote what real-time videos you want to see next on my youtube channel so it’s worth checking out I think otherwise I’ve said everything so yeah it’s time to get sweaty with a total body fat burner I shall see some of you there bye
Lilly Sabri

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