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Familia and welcome back to day number two of your 14-day apps challenge we are working into sculpting and toning that flat stomach I’m Lily Safra and my goal is to help you guys achieved your dream body don’t forget to Like and subscribe for daily workout videos with me okay let’s go get the apps poppin yep we’re just gonna.

Starve in a boat whole lifting both legs up past interrupts relax the shoulders three two single leg stretch straighten and in straighten and in so we’ve got three songs that we’re working out to today and that comes to just over ten minutes we are gonna burn the ABS last for good work last three reason control breasts out rapid breakdown Russian.

Twist let’s go one Center to Center what I need to go from hip joints to hit doing four left last four three love to let’s go straight and under 16 15 14 13 12 for three too many crunches love just like yesterday.

We’re not kind of my down these out try to relieve the tension online stomach muscle trilling cable back to the spine right we would be in we crunch it right down right big right now right thing keeping October really like this time keeping high in a crunch good luck.

What changes like that’s good get straightened in distress you know let’s go one two five eight seven six five four three back in committee I’m punch it let’s go this hello right up right there good what you want to see to.

Slice the head up to the name and it ah and did after give up do not give up dies now pop it four three two one straight guy into a side plank position on the forearm let’s go up if you want to make it harder to impress really working in a sample here not a seven six two five five four three feet under from hey guys let’s go feed on.

That good just like I try to talk to the person I might do the imaginary I hope it hula hoop in Thai freedom to get poor you’re gonna get good three to play in type two or three hits it down a dispenser down I’m sense that down and into good work right hi.

feet under let’s go down hi guys – down on the mat and straight into bike to poop temple in foolery into let’s go to strengthen in get straights in is just breaks it is you guys might not be we’re gonna get double the pay.

seven six five four three over the head let’s do the leg out across the mat flatten the back as much you can going up into a robot really down into Roma and move only down into song number three guy we’re going to place the feet together we’re going to open the legs.

Apart from here arms up and over the head find that beat four three two we’re gonna come up three to touch the feet lower slow three two and one cover up three two lower slow for final song to ever good use that momentum low slow three two good arms in front lower four three two last one you’re wet know me and I hope I’m sorry.

Lover four three two only keep those knees apart four three two we’re gonna lift and lower lift I love it three we bring the legs together – now we bring the legs together hold on the right leg a la lift you notice I’m not going all the way down uh can I call it hello a last for goodbye with it down if you.

Need to guys that’s fine Judy’s ought to be modified to allow between legs lift and lower lift I love exactly need to you can come like this hands behind you pull all that don’t give up three lap down bend the right knee straighten the left leg out we’re coming up and over we can lift and lower lift.

And lower lift and lower even if you want to get here that’s fine hello a good black guys lip I’ll owe it to my lip I love one left flip I love changing side let’s go this I’m lower good work incredible three three full straighten the legs if you can for the long pants.

Seven six five four three two right into the chest straighten the left leg out change change change change good luck guys all the way high on that crunch come up high up dig deep let’s go do that hyah hyah good work that’s cool three two one loads now oh my gosh we made it guys.

So I really hope you guys enjoyed day number two of your 14 day as challenge I know it burns that the results are so worthwhile and now it’s over to you guys please please do give this video a thumbs up hit the subscribe button and also share this video with anyone who you think will benefit from it drop a comment let me know how you got on and I.

Will see you guys tomorrow for another abs workout let’s do this guy’s
Lilly Sabri

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