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11 LINE ABS in 2 Weeks | 7 minute Home Workout


This is your 2 week, 11 line abs home workout challenge. I want you to do this workout for 14 days in a row, to get amazing results, like these ladies. It’s just 7 minutes long. Everyone can fit 7 minutes into their day. No equipment. Don’t forget, to get epic results, I recommend you combine this with good nutrition. And my other workouts, like my fat burn and resistance training workouts. Don’t forget to tag me in your Instagram stories, like these girls have here, to get featured. If you want to, you can do a full YouTube review, which literally blows my mind! Just include Lilly Sabri in the title and you can get featured, like these girls. Let’s do this.

Lift the legs up. We are doing a crunch run to start off with. 30 seconds on each exercise. I’m warning you in advance, it may only be 7 minutes long, but this is going to burn. 10 seconds left. Amazing. Drop your legs down. Come back to the point where you feel your core kicking in. Crunch up and rotate. Holding at that point where you really feel your core. Russian twist, then punch up. 10 seconds left. Keep pushing. Moving the feet a little bit closer to your body. You’re going to reach to the ankle and back.

Coming really low with this. Challenge your core and burn into the waist. Come all the way down on your mat. Your hands are in an arrow shape. As you come up, rotate your body. Amazing. Stay up in that rotation position. Hover the left leg. Crunch and straighten. Make sure you are rotating your body. Changing sides. Rotate the body, crunch and straighten. Come down into lying. We are doing another set of heel reaches. This time our body is down on the mat. Side to side, let’s go.

You’re high in a crunch. Amazing work. Hook the left ankle over the right knee. Crunch your right elbow towards your left knee. Nearly there. Come on, keep pushing. Straight onto the other side. Hook your leg over. Rotate and crunch up. Pulling the core in tight. Great work. Hands in a diamond shape underneath the lower back. As we reverse crunch, rotate your body, then straighten your legs out. Stick to one side. Reverse crunch with a twist to the other side.

Hold the legs out straight. Core tight. Cross over your legs. If you want to work the upper abs as well, come up into a crunch. Otherwise, lower down. Bring the legs up higher, if you’re struggling. Hundreds. Come up high into a crunch. Pump the arms up and down. If you really want to work yourself on this last exercise, lift your legs up and cross over at the same time. You smashed it! Please don’t forget to click the thumbs up button. Also, click subscribe for daily workout videos. You don’t want to miss out. Click subscribe. See you tomorrow for another workout.
Lilly Sabri

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