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Once a familiar welcome back to day number four of your 11 online apps challenge today’s workout is all about the lower abs and so we’re going to be sculpting into that 11 line up shape for today’s workout all you need is a pillow if you have an over wall amazing I’m guessing most of you don’t have this so you can just grab a pillow instead teddy.

It’s not a game baby okay so we’re starting off the lying on our back we’re going to imprint the spine by flattening the back into the mat soften that ribcage down and cool the core in nice and tight bring both legs up the pillow is gonna rest on our ships up in a crunch and we’re going to straighten out the opposite arm to leg you can of.

Course do this with the ball as well okay this is really warming into those lower abs and by being in the front row working into that ABS as well good work breathing and you don’t want those legs any closer than 90 degrees so we’re here isn’t working okay well it is but knowing here is much it staying as close to 90 degrees as we can.

Amazing black guys nice and strong incredible you’re now going to pop you be your pillar all the ball underneath the small of the back and then smite you down under the coccyx area bring the arms down by the side of the body single leg tabletop double neck tabletop you’re going to tap the foot down and.

Back up again good so this is called scissors and by being on the ball you will notice it’s a lot lot harder than being slapped on the floor okay you want to make it harder still you can try and pop in your hands which is really quite challenging particularly on the ball pull that core in nice and tight good really feel that bad amazing if you need.

To support the head do you need the hands down that’s fine good luck guys so what we’re doing by adding the pillow or the ball is creating an uneven surface so it’s forcing our cool to work so much harder amazing good work have a moment you’re going to be going back up on the board again so making sure that it’s under the coccyx good work from there.

Single leg double it again okay this time we’re going to try and rip the arms up 90 degrees nice and strong we’re going to strengthen the leg out and drew it back in again and we’re going super slow with this okay if you’re on the pillow and you want to make it harder you can actually go with those step bugs again good and the.

Likelihood of me falling off this floor at some point is very very high because this is really really challenging good back nearly they nearly so many that we fail not quite Vanilli amazing well done from there taking the ball out you’re now going to create a diamond shape of your hands to really welcome to those lower half supporting the lower back.

Room to come up into a reverse crunch and then from there we’re straightening the legs out okay let’s go good really pulling those core math exactly times amazing from that coming up into sitting throughout a hope of your old late night what we are going to space that in between the dark wispy or the pillar.

Whatever like for you we’re gonna come back as we come back with opening out and I thought yet so it’s like you’re trying to pass something to an imaginary person but my views you’re really trying to reach back row back and forth it good work amazing ice we really try to reach an 8-pin give up.

Now we’re gonna hold we’re gonna hold back if I got just over 10 seconds left little oh please verify you can do it Oh amazing it hey get rid of the ball pillow times come in a diamond shapes again underneath this one at the back this time I’m going to go to flutter kicks.

So I’m lifting the leg up I’m going to lower it down in three seconds pull all the way down by flexing the feet I’m gonna go up down nice and strong with that court good back if you’re struggling anyway just those Knicks a little bit higher okay so was like giving me absolutement of grapes and it comes back down again breathing folk.

Stage back okay we’re half way without an attack tapping those skills together now by being in this couch well like in the upper apps as well do that guy’s cool its height ten seconds let’s do not give up keep it away we’re gonna back to the food now for a little bit of opening night in.

Single leg stretch though they’re going heavy on the obliques so double-deck take us up we’re gonna open straighten them back and close let’s go open straighten get back i close and again you want to make it harder you can come higher in that crunch Oh get out straighten his back and close good work hard I still top of the arms amazing.

Guys with that core and really nice and tight whoa okay take the fool out we are now going for some oblique crunches okay the right knee is bent the left leg is going to come in and straighten out good work let’s go you’re really making sure that you’re crunching that body up nice and.

High okay so taking the elbow to the knee rather than just the heater that way good luck amazing guys come on keep pushing for me you live a hobby for this walk out now once the other side they should be on.

Quiet by now so right on comes out the side takes time you crunch in to that right knee okay nice and strong let’s go I keep pushing come on so do that not on to fourth now the swinging yourself up going to come on to all fours we’re going to take the fingertips into.

A spread position toes are up moving them over than oblique crunch of Hearts okay so we’re just an inch off the floor crunching in need to opposite elbows amazing guys mamas so nearly there just 1 X 5 left of this come on take it up do you not give up I.

Know it bad trust me a minute with you should be feeling her that Baelfire amazing bring yourself back down in for lying for our last exercise which is going to be quite the code you don’t know how much I love this exercise squeeze three and holler hey double neck let’s go one two three and hold one two.

Three and hold one two three and hold Nicky Holloway we are halfway come on start getting back dig deep guys ten seconds home straight take more complete food guys please do not forget to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed and also hit that subscribe button because I’m uploading daily.

Workout videos so it’s so worth hitting that subscribe button and about icons then you get a notification of every single time I upload I love you guys I will see you tomorrow for day of fire Wow bye tree tonight stupid as you leaving lies for my colas.

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