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But I’m familiar welcome back to day two of your 11:00 light as challenge today’s workout with 11 minutes long we’re going to be going into the only is to create those sexy 11 line apps for today’s workout I just want you to grab some light weight if you don’t have them please don’t worry grab some water bottles or anything get.

Your hands on and let’s get going okay so for our first exercise we’re going to roll back to our biting point holding there nice and strong the weights read by the chest and we’re going to punch across the body rotating and we do so let’s get going now so we’re holding in that crunch we’re keeping their backs turned on good whack 45 seconds on each.

Exercise 15 seconds recovery amazing so today is all about hitting into those obliques the muscles on the side of the core it’s not a worm guys nice and strong keep pushing for me come on a little victory punch it and quickly bring it back incredible for coming all the way down for me that guy you’re going to straighten out the left leg.

Keep the right leg bent the left arm is out to the side we’re going to crunch in straighten reach to the books and back okay now it’s really important with this that you make sure that you’re crunching the body up rather than just moving the leg so then we’re working the upper as well as the lower abs and the obliques.

Because we’re rotating good work guys come on focus just 11 minutes of lack really crunching up whoa okay straight change right arm comes out to the side we’re now going to straighten out the right leg left leg effect exactly the same thing we’re crunching in okay okay so ready all the way through 25 seconds crunching and reaching.

So as you guys know it there’s modifications throughout this workout if you’re struggling at any point just drop down to that beginner level my workouts are for everyone guys we’re in this together no giving up just drop down to beginner level if you want to don’t give up though I’m watching you we’ve got next.

Really crunching up guys amazing coming back down into life the feet are away from the bat I catch you want to imprint that spine as you roll up and we’re going to punch punch raise and lower okay let’s go raise and lower it’s slow and controlled as we come down raise slow slow get remember a lot of the time of these moves the slower you go the.

Harder they are now heat with the other arm even punching with okay your blacks a change wrong big puncher best amazing that guys no slow slow slow slow down so feet away from the bus holding onto the waves rolling back again like exercise once this time they’re twisting side to side.

Let’s go amazing work guys making sure you’re getting full rotation hip joint ticket joints good core tight it’s too easy those are they a little bit come on that’s really challenge of that we’re gonna talk me through this way out let’s push.

Good come on keep pushing what really snapped you into that waste now coating that don’t get up amazing back down into the line for me you’re going to grab just one weight we’re going to come up into a crunch and you’re going to reach to the end going back to heart each side effect so nice and high in the crunch let’s go fishing.

And back you really want to fill that side crunch feel that pressure in here leaks try and keep the knees nice and still three two straight change well you guys let’s go a mainly monkey push it all the way.

Keep pushing nice and my lab rat will drop by weight down we’re gonna pick up the pace with a set of bicycles okay we get into a little bit of pattern but really hitting those obliques we’re going to go nice too fast we’re going through second low flat let’s go elevator Sydney guys.

Concentrate patience us and really do the back whoo my way now ten seconds money deep blue straight up into a side point you’re going to need to just might wait for this okay tango.

Have her if you want to you can come down onto the lower left we’re gonna crunch it lift down lower so we’re here and they’ll be lift let’s go and as you crunch in I often say this crunching with meaning okay so actually you’re really hitting into those of you if you want to make it harder of course.

You can convert onto the leg okay this is pretty challenging here so you pick the level that suits you good back down to the knee if you want to both are really hard okay good come on we’re nearly there keep push you guys there’s number eight to the Levin don’t give up okay we’re going to change straight on to the other side bring that.

Body weight round pick the level again that suits you okay so if you want to come on to the but of course you can pop it out there four types good work okay pushing all of the way through I’m really crunching in as we do this one good come to the meeting and you’ll know what I mean by that because they’d be trying to just crunch like this.

Half-heartedly you’re really not feeling the waist working good nice strong muscles with really laugh come on sit deep in really good work that and that you’re casting me right now that do not give up you have two minutes left down there okay straight back onto your back for me coming all the way down whenever grab ahold of those weights we’re in.

Double net okay for me here what we’re gonna do is straighten out one leg up beyond just the opposite ship reflexively do dead bugs but with weights okay good keeping that low back flat this is mainly concentrating on the lower ab muscles let me up two laps as well we’re in a crunch the who are really.

Nice and strong I gave forward their eyes so we didn’t have blue okay up into sitting for our last exercise we’re going to announce that Russian twist but this time we’re making it harder I’m kind of like that okay you’re going home to face with your legs recover and if you don’t take your straightening out the opposite leg okay.

Good work this is really quite high level down making sure they were taking the weights towards that hip joint good work and again if you struggle for the notifications come about it deep there’s a member that we draft one be patient in that inside and seconds now Oh – it’s complete I’m so proud of you.

Can make it through yeah but please do not forget to hit that subscribe button I am uploading daily workout videos at the moment even outside of the challenges there’s always going to be a daily workout video so it’s worth hitting that subscribe button hissing the bell icon next to the subscribe button and let’s continue to.

Get fit healthy sweaty and happy together guys I’ll see you tomorrow what the day 3 but treating us like a spider just stupid as you for believing lies what you do
Lilly Sabri

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