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100 REP SQUAT CHALLENGE, the BEST workout for your butt!


Hi it’s Tracy and today we’re going to be working your so we’re going to be doing a 100 squat challenge workout and here’s the deal with all these challenges that I see all over the place I love that because it’s great it gives you a mark for success however I want you to always be really careful the ones that you take on because especially if.

You’re doing one exercises the same way over and over and over again you can risk actually over developing overusing the muscles and even possibly injuring yourself but you know I’ve got you covered I will not let that happen to you because here in this workout we’re going to be doing five different squats for 20 reps each making it 100 reps and.

You’re going to absolutely fall in love with your booty so when you finish the workout I want you to go over on Instagram and put hashtag Tracy campoli take a picture put that hashtag so that I know that you weren’t that food a so let’s go okay so let’s work that look so first you want to start with your legs in parallel and you do still regular.

Little swap so squat down all the way up fix your squeeze in your bleep your chest lifted all the way up not today I decided not to use any weights certainly if you want to use weights you can here this is six we’re going to try to count I keep it after today eight keep going nine make sure you’re really squeezing your butt second set.

You’re done and squeeze and to squeeze parallel keep that chest up this is for oh yes ten five work that booty visualize that beautiful buff seven you do it squeeze those abs tight to everything is a bad exercise right and last one okay that’s not second position like it answer your externally rotating to turn a little bit.

Here like we stick out very trapped in right and then up ends believe and out and squeeze same thing here if you wanted to put some heavier weights here absolutely do that I just wanted to make it quick and dirty painful my hands that did right that’s five I think six squeeze it good seven please I love this position because you’re going to feel.

Your inner thighs are kind of underneath your butt a little bit let’s do it again and squeeze and two you’re feeling it I am alright and for squeeze the wrong five come on six and seven we love working out together right and now I’m perfect last one okay get back into parallel set your toes are going to form here and do.

A little combination you’re trying to make things a little bit more full back so go down into your squat you’re keeping your chest up your your bucket out twist the knee down twist alternating sides again you can use those wings here you see me do this a lot of the way okay got a five up down set good that’s it.

First it done second set we can do it and down up down really squeeze when you stand up you want to really feel underneath that booty work good keep those seven eight terrible good and last one confirm except now we’re going to keep ourselves in that parallel position but we’re going to work a little bit on the.

Outer part of our legs as well okay so here you go down to low squat side leg lift down lift down lift that is for if you go I try to keep my couch and so get guy ate sweet good second set to good you done three pull it in four and five six oh sweet seven eight lift don’t get lazy and we flipped it and perfect okay last.

One hi this one involved I’m going to get Yosh so you want to make it as hard as possible parallel legs here go down into a squat clap your heels together down clap up that’s not your deal you can just step in and step okay so I’m going to do a combination of the two up I’ll do ten steps to give you.

The low impact and then also do ten of the Jets okay so here we go one and two three so really work that level change I don’t want to see your chest down actually be able to see your gorgeous space every time six seven good hey that’s it nine you ready no more no to do like that or down-up down-up squeeze for five runs right six seven.

Hey nine ten and tubs up great work beautiful I hope that you feel your legs and your butt and your thighs and you feel amazing make sure to go over to instagram and hashtag tracy campoli and let me go that you didn’t work out and i’ll see you next week be sure to join the community over at tracy campoli calm it’s totally free and you’ll receive a.

Free workout my seven-day challenge and so much more either click on the link on your screen or visit me at Tracy camp Polycom see you there
Tracy Campoli

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