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Welcome back – yeah and I wear today’s life as women it’s been requested so much why you both it is a ten minute cellulite buster focusing on out of booty the back of the legs those early like problematic areas now before we get started I just want to say guys it’s totally normal to have cellulite 99% of women on this planet have cellulite it.

Is normal with that said if your goal is to reduce the appearance of sunlight there’s nothing wrong with that I also just want to emphasize guys that you need to couple this with healthy nutrition and basically just a healthy lifestyle which is everything I promote on my channel anyway but those of you guys who don’t know me my name is Lilly.

Surgery my goal is to help you guys live a healthy and happy lifestyle achieving your dream body health from the inside out okay guys let’s get started don’t stare on the forum really working that attribute all the time and just about the news we’re opening our public one to kill again.

There’s just a warm-up for booty making sure that the movement of shock pollution control head cool tight no overarching no no reflecting light on muscles this is just a warm-up just be getting Remy what could be a pretty intense tempest breathing through good luck guys amazing.

Give em back good and I’m gonna hold the why are they both ate all the way up working that glute please amazing straight down onto your back now up into into the up-down holding that holding sleazing nice and high really nice and high good luck we’re just gonna.

Do mini pulsations here post safety knot you should be feeling that that booties kicking in we’re going straight into hamstrings from here okay the loves run booty for now housing pumping pumping just good now we’re gonna come out keeping really hi with fast with those movements good work guys keep pushing all the way.

Through Louise not cool Louise that bus amazing work now back to that really nice fast movement keeping the puffle flip zone core tight within halfway through this workout come on keep pushing keep pushing good that’s amazing should be feeling bad no great I’ll come.

Down deep the human we’re going to be out in coming up the matter little bit you want to make sure you vote for it with this one I guess good work good this is really rude working into the country I would say this is one of the hardest exercises for hamstrings without any way through the make a so most of my work out the body weight and a lot of.

People ask it’s not enough is one way really laughs yes trust me you can’t get results at home with minimal equipment good luck guys we may be back and we’re going to hop now we’re going to hold the third leg now we’re gonna squeeze that wouldn’t feel very capturing burn Oh we are amazing guy comes straight onto.

Your side now on the way down in line with your this is an elevated class good make sure you all the way down to go ahead there’s a nice captain underneath the side of your body if you can’t you’re aiming to try to lift that legs don’t be able to Tony asked them to meet that the core is tight everyone’s body is.

Different okay but their aim is to attract the core and lift the West good work amazing guys all the way straight whoop should be building that there by definitely yeah yeah we know how the booty muscles we’re getting that IG are getting there keep pushing for me we made by learn completely bring the upper leg forward and pump it up and.

Down what they do to make it harder till it’s time to tone down with and the heel up cause they’re really activating those absolutely muscles nice and strong four times three amazing we’re getting there guys without getting there warm up if you can nice and strong amazing we need better embrace that burn don’t give up don’t give up come on keep.

Pushing two amazing straight up onto all fours from there we’re going to do a fire hydrant okay so we’re lifting and lowering over keeping on the same side that we just burnt and we’re pushing all the way through it this is a really nice way keeping that tension on amazing guys so nearly there down half way we’re going.

To change cycle to the whoa amazing changing side spreading those fingertips keeping nice and strong and that pass the booty thank you going to specific areas here to be on fire but we’ve got this together coming into that home stretch this exercise that’s for sure Media whoa Oh amazing come over to that.

Side now it’s a line down feet elevated let’s go opening and closing we want to fill that out of Bootsie burning okay and we’re struggling here you can lower the next down and just go to the ball will come here with the elevated caramel the seat just up there not okay keep pushing we’re so many bad guys good come on keep.

Pushing cause tight the gum under the way if you have amazing wipeout is 15 seconds left don’t give up on that so anyway but once I left off to this straighten out that I believe level better get down to the floor turn down would heal up with strong movement one minute left and if at any point you’re struggling.

You just bring that leg back to neutral maybe you do not give up with pushing all the way through this ten minutes and you’ve got just over 30 seconds left so we’re not stopping now okay we have good breathe out keep piped-in keep thinking about gold push it amazing five seconds strong yeah another workout with me I am so proud of you.

Strongly recommend that you cover this with one of my lower body stretches particularly focusing on the glutes because they don’t have any very very tight hamstrings so I’m going to pop a link if you guys to check out please make sure you give this video a thumbs up hit the subscribe button hit the bell I call this basically that will give you.

Notifications of every single time I upload a new workout which at the moment is pretty much every single day guys I love you so much drop a comment down below let me know how you found it and I will see you tomorrow for yet another workout I thought you really loved me guess I was wrong thought you’d never leave me guess I was.

Waited like forever to be your plus-one but guess you litter left me at the party
Lilly Sabri

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