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10 Day TONED ARMS CHALLENGE | Day 2️⃣ Home Workout


Whatever familia welcome back to day number two of your ten daily and tones of challenge all await you guys to do is grab ahold of some light weights and today we like to the triceps and back so we’re starting on with the arms behind the back of the head pulling that core in nice and tight lifting and lowering okay core tight 30 seconds on each.

Exercise good black guys we’re really really going to be burning into you strike that don’t you 5 minute workout that trust me you are going to feel the bed good about 10 seconds left here amazing guys keep pushing nearly there now incredible taking the weights in each hand slightly bending that body weight.

Pull it over there by the photo the body we’re gonna straighten our backs with literally Crescent kicks back okay Musa do these exercises in standing the chest open or tight pushing back through the elbow and they think it’s five second blast next up tricep dip amazing coming on to your back for me fingertips facing.

Forward heels digging in this nutbar okay penny through the elbows and back amazing like guys come on really really pushing through then everything you got out just woof ten seconds I got food amazing luck three seconds okay this is where you’re gonna hate me keep up who me this time we’re gonna.

Lift the pump it up open close I’m bet okay good little whack god only a 5 minute workout hold well I’m in it with you guys don’t give up and it hasn’t left oh maybe this works straight back into those two exercises again on that should be on fire amazing the 15-second black that is all.

It is crazy what you can achieve in just five minutes guys come on we’re nearly there now incredible straight into of those tricep kickbacks again so we’re just squeezing those shoulder blades together and pushing those arms back we’re over halfway for this back up come on keep.

Pushing for me squeeze those shoulder blades I mean it amazing so we’re now I’m gonna go for some fly advice the elbows are slightly bent we’re gonna squeeze those shoulder blades together and back it again you can do this in standing you want that body weight slightly forward hinging.

Through your hips okay good tight squeeze those shoulder blades together go back for me the core head is resting down okay sweet the shoulder blades lift the upper body up and pump those arms up and down pull that core nice and tight squeeze the shoulder blades make a lot about lifting the left come on over there come on guys.

Keep the chin he’s three things nearly back we’re gonna make that quite a bit harder we replace one weight on each side okay we’re gonna squeeze those shoulder blades again lift the arms up a little bit slower this time drop the weights if you have to again don’t give up oh it’s an exercise number.

Ten key position well who is obedient Alexei we have five seconds who legally tells your side we are finishing up with tricep dips again okay let’s go just a normal tricep tip guys okay so before we come to the end of the workout guys remember you are repeating work out one to five times each to make up your 10 day challenge okay go today.

Go back to back up line ok I hold hold power out of me you smashed it through yeah another leave a little backup please don’t forget to hit that subscribe button it massively supports my channel I am on a mission to get to a hundred thousand subscribers and I would love love love your support on that ok guys what I see you tomorrow for another.

Lilly Sabri

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