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10 Day TONED ARMS CHALLENGE | Day 1️⃣ Home Workout


Whether familiar of welcome back to a brand new challenge this challenge is all about your shoulders your back basically your upper body sculpting into a lean toned physique in your upper body which I’m super super excited about before we get started I just want to let you guys know that basically there’s gonna be two workouts workout number one.

Is for your shoulders arms and chest and workout number two is for your back and triceps the big no wings and basically what you’re going to do is repeat work out what two two back-to-back for ten days at the structure of this challenge all you guys need to do is grab a hold of some weights if you don’t have weights you can describe water bottles.

Or anything you can get your hands on let’s do this okay so we’ve put on your knees or in standing whatever works your body let those arms hang down we’re gonna start by raising the arms up and back down again okay without this we come up 45 degree angles and all the way down I don’t want you coming all the way down.

By okay good coming up to 90 degrees thirty seconds on each exercise straight into the next one no great we’ve got this guy’s good amazing work must focus dig deep last one now hold it hold it there you’ve got 30 seconds I’m gonna change it up a little bit throughout we really work into those are.

Drop those weights down at any point if you need to okay hold strong stroke stroke stroke three two one turn the pump up down good whack amazing guys really show the fans just amazing grabbing a hold of just one weight now coming up quick quick quick quick down and back up three full down and up and again we’re not lowering the whole.

Weight down guys just don’t pay me I’m sure other guys pull that core in tight good you want to make it harder grab both way incredible okay we’re now going with a shoulder press 90 degrees coming up I’m back down to 19 good back trying to keep that ribcage down to collection possible while the shoulder bed is real good back I don’t.

Give up god you’re killing it keep going okay going back into a phrase but this time straight out to the side okay your shoulders should be on fire now good work incredible guys come on dig deep ten seconds is that straight down onto your back now we are going with a chest press.

Nice the pass you’re going to do big hill then lift the pelvis up and press into that chest good back we the booty that I hide my tiny packets keep a birdcage star weights up to the side turn over we are going into a Preta full press up if you want to on the knees if you want to good come on dig deep.

Keep pushing it’s just five minutes battle over ten seconds left stop guy – no break we went back into another shoulder press but we’re changing enough that you come down to 90 degrees we internally rotate and back up again.

Lay them under ten seconds left now let’s show you the fire okay back into those twists the steering world two three four down and up and of course if you want to drop down to the one-way three hooks down and up don’t give up guys amazing what come on every really bad good oh my gosh okay last exercise relax.

That first one again so 45-degree angle good laugh come on it’s your last exercise so the last 10 seconds we’re gonna hope the arms which is nap hope straw ho ho ho that’s where it’s gonna be all about the triceps and the fact literally pretty much my favorite exercises the paper so I really really.

Hope you enjoyed that – it certainly remember to come back to this one day three day five so on and so forth guys we smash dead what you to work another workout thought you really loved me guess I was wrong thought you’d never leave me yes I would waited like forever to be your plus-one but is.

You learn
Lilly Sabri

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